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General Chat 2 Pay

After making the payment, will the user be able to interact with my business for other services?

Am I able to host the payment page on my domain?

Can Chat 2 Pay be used for bookings as well as prepaid transactions?

Can I customize my Chat 2 Pay checkout experience?

Can I prompt the customer to use the existing card I have on file for them?

Can I test my Chat 2 Pay integration?

Does Chat 2 Pay support 3D Secure?

Does Chat 2 Pay support Cybersource’s Decision Manager? 

How can I use Chat 2 Pay?

How do I disable my Chat 2 Pay configuration?

How do I manage order details on my Chat 2 Pay payment page?

How does Chat 2 Pay compare to a traditional payment gateway?

How does reversals, refunds and chargebacks work?

How does the Chat 2 Pay payment link work?

How long does it take to set up Chat 2 Pay? 

How many Chat 2 Pay configurations can I have?

Is my information safe when using Chat 2 Pay?

What are callback notifications?

What channels and products can be used with Chat 2 Pay?

What currencies are available on Chat 2 Pay?

What do I need in order to use Chat 2 Pay?

What is Chat 2 Pay?

What is a Chat 2 Pay Sandbox Configuration?

What is a merchant descriptor?

What is meant by the Chat 2 Pay billing type?

What is the difference between Secure Acceptance and Unified Checkout?

What payment gateways are supported by Chat 2 Pay?

What payment methods are supported by Chat 2 Pay?

What phone number (long number, short code) does the SMS text originate from? Is it merchant-specific or location-specific? 

What reports do I have access to?

Why do I need activation keys for Chat 2 Pay?

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