Make chat a top destination

Grow meaningful customer relationships and transform the travel experience.

Make chat a top destination

The perfect blend of personalization and automation

Cater to your guests' ever-changing needs with personalization and automation and watch your sales and customer engagement soar. From flight details, booking options, cancelations, upgrades, hotels, and more, scalability is at your fingertips. Make your customers feel at home, even when they’re not, with the power of real-time business messaging and payments. 

Automated customer interactions

Use a travel chatbot to quickly respond to your customers when they text your business, scan a QR code, or click a button on your website or app.

Automated customer interactions
Keep customers informed

Allow your customers to opt-in at checkout, and send them booking confirmation, and Day of Ops messaging, such as check-in notifications, digital boarding passes, flight status updates, gate changes, baggage pickup, seat upgrades, etc.

Keep customers informed
Reactivate stalled purchases

Send customers a message reminding them that they still have items in their cart. Present a link to pay and incentivize them to complete their purchase. 

Reactivate stalled purchases
Engage with relevant promotions

Reach out to your customers and allow them to take advantage of last-minute special offers to their favorite destinations, including incentives to buy right there and then. 

Engage with relevant promotions
Increase revenue, reduce costs

Determine how well your products or services meet customer expectations. One of the most important indicators of purchase intentions and customer loyalty, establishing customer satisfaction helps predict business growth and revenue, while preventing customer churn. 

Increase revenue, reduce costs
Boost engagement and experience with travel chat and messaging.

Messaging and Chat Use Case Guide for Travel

Explore the benefits of boosting your brand experience and discover how the sky’s the limit when you turn text messaging into Chat Commerce.  

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Why are travel agencies adding SMS and chat to their omnichannel strategies?

Real-time travel notifications through chat

Real-time notifications

Whether it’s flight details, boarding information, hotel promotions, or travel upgrades, optimize chat to provide up-to-date, tailored alerts to keep your consumers in the loop! Stay relevant, timely, and accessible so that they never miss a beat by offering real-time help, 24/7.

Personalized communications

Send personalized travel details, offers, promotions, and travel solutions to enhance the trip experience, boost your return on investment, and elevate your customer service. Drive authentic engagement and conversations through chat, ultimately leading to brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Automotive solutions for simplified workflows using chat.

Relieve live agents

Leave the travel notifications and seat upgrades to us and never have your customers wait on hold again. Simple and repetitive travel questions can be resolved quickly, which allows your call centers to improve productivity, save time, and tackle more complex requests while also reducing business costs.

Chat travel solutions increases customer engagement and volume.


Automation enables your team to handle a higher volume of customers, increase your customer engagement, build ongoing loyalty, and efficiently scale your travel, hotel, or rental business. Reach more customers and expand your global audience – the possibilities are endless.

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