Drive customer ​engagement and ​accelerate sales​

Reach your customers with a more ​convenient shopping experience,​ all within the messaging channels they ​use every day.​

Drive customer ​engagement and ​accelerate sales​

Deliver a complete omnichannel shopping experience

Clickatell enables you to create an omnichannel retail experience that delivers bottom-line value. From simple SMS to advanced messaging across chat apps such as WhatsApp, our platform provides a complete commerce solution.

Automate customer interactions

Use a retail chatbot to quickly respond to your customers when they text your business, scan a QR code, or click a button on your website or app.

Automate customer interactions
Retail messaging and chat use case guide.

Messaging and Chat Use Case Guide for Retail

Discover the benefits of better engagement and explore the essentials of a successful retail and ecommerce customer journey in this retail use case guide.  

Why are leading retailers going omnichannel?​

Personalized retail solutions for improved sales and engagement.


Push the boundaries of global commerce by leveraging personalized messaging interactions, a convenient buyer journey, and the power of immersive shopping experiences. Add a personal touch and watch your customer engagement, loyalty, and relationships skyrocket.

Retail solutions with automated messaging for improved sales and engagement.


Put your product information, order notifications, chat purchasing experiences, and payments on autopilot without compromising superior customer service. Make customer interactions go further with proactive communications and automation.​​

Clickatell's retail solutions allow for contact-free payments.

Contact-Free Payments

Make it easier to seal the deal for your customers with convenient in-chat purchasing, instant customer support for product information, curbside pick-ups, and secure, real-time transactions. Take advantage of contactless commerce and never let a sale slip away again.

Retail solutions with self-service and assisted agents for improved sales and engagement.

Self-Service and Assisted Agents

Boost your sales and engagement while relieving your agents with the force of high-quality, automated service within chat. This allows your team to reduce repetitive inquiries, optimize their focus on revenue-boosting strategies, and scale your business better than ever before.

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