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Reach your customers on their phones

SMS is one of the most effective marketing channels today. With an average open rate of 98%, SMS gets your offers seen by your customers. Clickatell Campaign
Manager makes it easy to harness the power of SMS. You can launch SMS campaigns in minutes increasing sales and engagement quickly and cost effectively.


Benefits of Clickatell Campaign Manager

No coding/developers required

Import contacts. Create campaigns. Send messages. Campaign Manager’s intuitive, web-based interface lets you create and send SMS campaigns within minutes.

Reach who you want, where you want

Go local or go global. Run campaigns as often as you like – choosing the contacts and countries you want

Zero additional cost

There is no charge for using the application. You only pay for the SMS messages you send.

Supports popular SMS campaigns

  • Promotions: Send customers coupon codes and offers related to their favorite products

  • Reminders: Set, confirm, and remind customers of appointments and reservations

  • Notifications/Alerts: Inform customers or employees of issues that need immediate attention

  • Surveys: Engage customers and gather their opinions with 2-way messaging

  • Events: Engage event attendees with messages, such as welcomes, venue information and event alerts


Features that set you up for success:

  • Import contacts using CSV files

  • Easily segment your customer base for targeted campaigns

  • Message both individual contacts and groups

  • Create an unlimited number of campaign templates

  • Manage opt-outs

  • Create auto responses

  • Non-GSM character checker

  • Schedule campaigns in advance

  • Send messages to any country

  • Receive responses from campaign recipients
    (2-way messaging)

  • Track delivery of messages

  • View messaging logs

  • Generate a shortened link (using our bitly integration)

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