Long Numbers

Build stronger customer relationships, using long numbers

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Start and strengthen customer conversations, using long numbers:

  • Send and receive replies for two-way communications

  • Build trust in your business

  • Reach more customers cost-effectively

Meaningful customer engagement

Build customer loyalty with Individual, responsive conversations over time


Reach more people at lower cost—even internationally

Trusted communications channel

Build customer loyalty with Individual, responsive conversations over time

Fast setup time

Start sending messages in a few simple steps

With a long number, you can connect 1:1 with customers in many ways:

Appointment reminders and confirmations

Save time and money by confirming, canceling, and rescheduling customer appointments—all by SMS.

Banking alerts

Verify transactions and build customer confidence in your financial services brand.


Gather leads by inviting customers and prospects to enter contests by simply sending an SMS.


Personalize customer interactions to bolster brand relationships—and it’s a breeze to integrate SMS campaigns with your CRM solutions.


Gather votes to gauge customer loyalty and preferences.

Customer opt-ins

Let customers choose whether to continue accepting messages with a simple response sent to your long code. 

Customer feedback

Ask customers to rate products or services by simply scoring them or replying with a YES or NO.

Lead generation

Deliver quotes for products like insurance and loans through fast and easy SMS exchanges.

Order tracking and delivery confirmations

Keep customers up to date on order status and deliveries.

A long number—a 10-digit phone number with an area code—is best for individual, personalized communications with customers that will continue over time. Long number offer a consistent way to reach your business via phone and SMS,
so customers become comfortable with communicating via a familiar number.

Why use long numbers?

  • Build meaningful customer relationships

  • Set up in less time than short codes

  • Enables personalized 1:1 communications

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