Connect, interact, and transact with your customers on USSD

Cost-effective and scalable enterprise solution to engage and transact with your mobile-always customers in emerging markets


Grow revenue with more customers and interactions

No internet. No data. No smartphone. Just an easy, familiar, and affordable way for your customers to get things done to make their lives easier and better using USSD.


Grow with cost-effective real-time interactive messaging that supports a high volume of transactions and throughput


Rapidly reach 99.9% of all mobile handsets on both feature phones and smartphones


Seamlessly integrate into APIs and offer use cases that speak to your customer needs

Choose Clickatell as your authorized USSD Enterprise Solution Provider

Comprehensive solution designed to engage with your customers on USSD

  • USSD Channel Access – Connect with your customers on a familiar communication channel.

  • Chat Flow – Build intuitive menus to offer the best self-service experiences on USSD.

  • Transact APIs – Distribute digital goods and services that relate to your customers’ needs. Examples include airtime, data, electricity, and more.

99.9% uptime and 24/7 email and phone support

  • Eliminate downtime and optimize your customer-focused services today with our comprehensive support package for all your business needs.

  • Enjoy 99.99% uptime with industry-leading SLAs and product performance monitoring services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Rapidly deploy fixes on your systems or third-party systems to maximize uptime. The Clickatell support team is available 24/7 for immediate assistance.

Message security with privacy

  • Message security is built into the Clickatell platform’s architecture, ensuring that conversations between business and customer remain private end-to-end.

  • Clickatell offers both client-side (customer manages keys) as well as server-side encryption of its USSD traffic, ensuring all messages on this channel are 100% secure.

  • We align our data protection standards to GDPR and all relevant privacy laws. At Clickatell, we practice privacy by design, ensuring we have the necessary governance safeguards, data retention processes, impact assessments, and vendor management processes to support data subject rights.

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