We lead the transformation of digital commerce and customer engagement through mobile.

As a leading provider of chat commerce for global banks and telecommunications companies, we give global consumer brands the power to reach over 90 percent of the world’s population through mobile messaging and chat.

We help brands stay relevant in a changing digital world with mobile engagement and payments on the world’s leading social chat platforms. Our deployments show positive ROI in as little as 12 months.

Enhance customer experience and build loyalty.

Chat 24/7

Interact with customers where they are—within chat apps

Lower costs

Enhance convenient service and support

Increase revenue

Build your customer trust and drive up your NPS score

Conversation Chat

Enable chat commerce: financial transactions in chat

Great customer experience is a win for businesses and customers.

Today’s typical customer experience is inconvenient, minimally engaging, and delivers little value for customers and brands. A better way to serve customers is reaching and transacting with them through the convenience of chat commerce with Clickatell and leaving them happy after a great experience with your brand.

Only 3% of customers enjoy using interactive voice response (IVR)

Poor customer experiences cost businesses more than $75 billion each year

81% of businesses compete purely on the basis of customer experience

$1.3 trillion is spent on call centers annually – which customers do not like

Improve customer experience and drive revenue with chat commerce.

Improve and personalize the customer experience. Deliver higher customer satisfaction and retention, increased sales, improved business efficiencies, and reduced operating costs with our chat platforms.

We deliver 1:1 interactions at global scale.

366 million

We process 366 million $1 micropayments per year for a large African financial institution.

10 billion messages

Our Connect platform powers and delivers up to 10 billion messages per year.

75 banks

We power messaging for 75 banks and credit unions across the US.

The Clickatell advantage

We are an innovator focused on mobile commerce enablement and a technology company providing chat commerce to large consumer brands and e-commerce businesses. We take your business to where your customers are—on chat and mobile—with an easy to implement enterprise-grade chat commerce enablement platform. Our products and services exist because we believe your customers deserve the easy-to-use, friction free, on-demand, digital commerce experiences we deliver.

Join the chat commerce movement.

First-ever chat banking deployment

Our solution helped a multinational, diversified financial services group enable chat banking for its facilities, support and transactions. Absa was also the first bank to utilize chat banking via WhatsApp.

First-ever telco chat commerce deployment

We enabled chat commerce for Africa’s most successful telco, allowing customers to view balances and purchase data and airtime through chat. Customer adoption of this chat solution quickly grew 30% month-over-month and we are continuing to evolve our support and customer experience features to include more self-service options.

Want to learn more about the value chat and messaging can bring to your business? Let’s talk.

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