Premium coverage for premium customer experience

Build for global scale with a personal touch through conversations.

Premium coverage for premium customer experience

Stand out with superior CX

We promise to keep your customers top of mind and use automation and personalization to set your business up for success. Customers dealing with insurance are already overwhelmed with procedures and constant changes in processes. Make it easier for them by offering a premium insurance solution and customer experience through the power of messaging and chat.

Real-time connection

Whether it’s auto, life, or health insurance, things are inevitably and regularly changing for your customers. The power of real-time messaging allows the insured to be assured, and always up-to-date on the latest claims, policy changes, enrollments, and accessible services.

Personalized insurance solutions through chat.


When dealing with something as personal as insurance, creating the perfect blend of automation and personalization when providing exceptional customer service is essential. Let your customers know that they are heard and your company is there for them.


Go above and beyond for your customers with leading innovative technology. Simplify and streamline your workflows by automating answers of common requests, managing a higher volume of inquiries, relieving agents, and increasing your ability to scale your reach more than ever before with our chat solutions.

Increase customer retention through insurance solutions by Clickatell.

Customer retention

Modernize the way you communicate with your customers. Give them convenient 24/7 access to their insurance plans, options, and accounts, along with quick response times to their urgent questions, grows both customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Start reaching more customers on the channels they use everyday