Flex your messaging muscle

Be there for your customers around the clock with powerful, meaningful and proactive communications, anywhere and everywhere.

Health and wellness solutions through chat platforms.

Quality customer care, in every way

Appointments, sessions, treatments, payments, customer support – when you use Clickatell’s messaging platform, you can deeply engage your customer at critical moments, all within the messaging channels they’re already using. We can help you provide a superior digital customer experience, so that you can focus on their health and wellness.

Automated customer service

Use a chatbot to instantly respond to your customers, day or night, when they text your gym, studio, or wellness center. Connect with customers and prospects; answer general questions, provide helpful information, and win new customers, all on trusted messaging channels.

Automated customer service

Why are leading health and wellness providers using SMS and chat in their customer communications?

Enhanced customer engagement

People don’t read their emails anymore, and they don’t want to have to speak to you on the phone. Rather communicate through personalized messaging interactions, at appropriate times in the customer journey, and watch engagement and loyalty levels soar.

Peace of mind with automation

Put your simple, repetitive processes on autopilot without compromising superior customer service. Make customer interactions go further with proactive communications and automation.

Available 24/7

Be available to your customers at all stages of their health and wellness journey. Address inquiries and respond to issues fast, delivering meaningful engagement while improving the customer experience.

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