Save Time and Money with Medication Ordering and Tracking through Chat

“The growing spending on medicines globally during 2019-2023 is rising on an upward trajectory. People are buying medicines with the touch of their smartphones and can get easy access to medical equipment and medicines. By the end of 2022, the spending will cross $1.4 trillion.” – Upper Route Planner

 Online shopping and delivery are nothing new, but there’s been a significant shift in what we’re comfortable ordering online following the pandemic. Where clothes, gifts and flowers were commonplace, food deliveries are now on the rise with many opting to avoid in-person shopping and eating.

 Recently, there’s been a notable rise in the demand for online medication orders and deliveries, with people realizing that over-the-counter (OTC) and repeat prescriptions can be quickly ordered and tracked through their smartphones. Here’s a look at telehealth chat and why it’s the obvious solution for those in the pharmacy and wellness industries.

 How does telehealth chat work?

Basically, anyone with a smartphone can connect with your company using a telehealth chat service, place their order, and track the delivery all the way to their door. It’s the digital solution to chronic and acute medication needs, minimizing unnecessary interaction with those who are unwell or immobile.

-  Start with telehealth API

Pharmaceutical companies can engage the services of a communication provider to integrate telehealth API to their existing system. What this means is that you can now communicate directly with your customers via a chatbot using their preferred communication platform - WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or SMS

-  Engage directly with customers

There’s no need for your customers to try navigating through your website, the chatbot will immediately appear and offer assistance. They can then continue to engage via their smartphones, with all relevant information immediately available. 

- Privacy and security

When it comes to dealing with medication, there are strict privacy procedures that need to be followed, which you can communicate with your customers through the chatbot. A menu that appears on the chatbot could direct them to the relevant licencing page or privacy page so they can be assured all relevant checks are in place.

-  Simplify medication ordering

Rather than having to find what they’re looking for on your website, customers simply type in the request into the telehealth chatbot and can order their medication online and even pay for it through the commercial chat channel. They can even transfer prescriptions or schedule deliveries using the platform. 

- Combine communication types

The chatbot is inherently useful in directing customers to where they should be, providing them with relevant information such as the privacy policy, and answering those frequently asked questions. They’re also great for after-service hours where they submit a ticket for a follow-up. However, it’s important that they have the option of being transferred to a live agent for more complex queries and follow-ups – something that can be achieved with telehealth chat.

 What can customers do through telehealth chat?

This incredibly user-friendly chat platform can elevate your customer service in a number of ways. Here is how telehealth chat will meet their needs.

1. Prescriptions and refills

“Medications include the regular purchase of medicines and refilling prescriptions. This segment accounted for a major share in the market due to various reasons like an increase in the target population and the rising prevalence of patients suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and other cardiac-related conditions that require constant medications.” – PR Newswire

Chronic conditions are on the rise and telehealth can facilitate the prescription transfers or request refills without the customer ever having to engage with a live agent. 

2. Tracking an order

The telehealth API even allows companies to check the status of the customer’s prescription. The individual is then alerted as to when the prescription has been sent as well as the estimated arrival time and date. 

3. Educational materials

Responses to frequently asked questions can be automated so that the customer simply has to type the question or choose from a menu to receive a response. This could include the sharing of educational material related to a medication’s ingredients, side effects and uses, as well as providing general health-related information, documents, and studies. 

4. Update customer details

Basic personal information needs to be constantly updated, and this can be done simply and efficiently through the telehealth chatbot. Information such as the customer’s address, phone number, email address, prescriptions, and more can be uploaded.

5. Schedule visits

When integrated with scheduling software, the telehealth chat can also schedule customer visits or simply direct them to the nearest pharmacy location. 

6. Medication reminders

This is a great feature for people who constantly forget to order their prescription medication! The chatbot will automatically send push notifications that remind customers to order their medicine. 

What are the benefits of telehealth chat?

For pharmaceutical companies, there are many reasons to integrate telehealth chat API into existing operations. Here’s an overview of the endless benefits to expect. 

  • Improved customer engagement: People don’t want to read email or chat on the phone, they want to engage via chat platforms – so let them!

  • Happier employees: Where automation deals with repetitive tasks and queries, your employees are liberated to deal with more important tasks.

  • 24/7 availability: The modern customer wants an immediate response, and the telehealth chatbot can facilitate this. You’re able to assist your customers at all stages of their wellness journey.

  • Time saving: Customers and pharmacies can save on time through telehealth chat deliveries, which means quicker access to chronic medication.

  • Accessibility: People in need of chronic medication, and even those just requiring over-the-counter medication, are often not well enough or have the mobility to get to a pharmacy. Telehealth chat solves this problem. 

Who can help you with telehealth API?

Leading health and wellness providers are turning to Clickatell to provide them with telehealth chat. This allows them to connect with their customers, and provide comprehensive healthcare, using SMS and chat. Get in touch with these industry leaders today to find out more. 


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