About Us

Clickatell is a global leader in mobile messaging and transaction services, which enable its customers to connect, interact and transact with their business partners and communities on the mobile phone.


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Clickatell's global footprint means that it can deliver short message services (SMS) through it’s next-generation Clickatell Message eXchange (CMneXt) to over 960 mobile networks in over 220 countries and territories, with the potential to reach 6 billion mobile phone users - more than 80 percent of the world’s population. In addition, with Clickatell Transaction eXchange (CTX), it provides the essential link between mobile consumers and their financial institution, with services like airtime top-up.


More than 15,000 enterprise, government, medium and small business customers and application developers have embraced Clickatell’s technology solutions. Founded in 2000, Clickatell is headquartered in Redwood City, California, USA.


Clickatell is a privately-owned company that has received equity from a number of the world's premier venture capital institutions.

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Partners & Affiliates

Clickatell's affiliates have the benefit of earning an-above-average 20% commission on all first purchase sales!

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Our people

Hand-picked for their experience, skills and achievements in our very competitive field, our people make up the driving force that continues to grow Clickatell internationally.

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Our values

Our six brand values lie at the heart of everything we do, say or innovate.

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Jobs at Clickatell

If you feel as passionate about messaging and global communications as we do, and if you want to work for a growing international company that makes a difference in people's lives, then Clickatell is for you.

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Press center

See how we continually strive to be the most innovative, Personalized Priority Messaging service in the world.

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We value what you have to say, please contact us to give us your feedback, comments and suggestions.

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