By Clickatell in Industry Insights | 23 May 2016

The average teenager sends around two thousand text messages a month, with an open rate of 98%, making it 11 times more powerful than email. Crisis Text Line is a US based crisis-intervention hotline that operates 24/7 entirely via text message. Read more

By Clickatell in Industry Insights | 16 May 2016

Bulk SMS marketing is still undoubtedly one the most engaging and cost-effective solutions for your campaigns. An estimated 8.6 trillion SMS messages are sent annually around the world, which amounts to over 12 times the number of Facebook messages and over 20 times the number of Tweets sent. Read more

By Clickatell in Products & Services | 09 May 2016

Not only have the number of mobile users overtaken the number of desktop users globally, but over 44% of adult households in the US don’t own landlines anymore. As a decision maker, you know that this means SMS marketing is still the ideal way to build a direct relationship with your customers. Read more

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