By Clickatell in Solutions | 25 April 2016

As a business leader, you know the stats: Around 7 billion people around the world carry their mobile phones with them every day. And, that with an open rate of 98% for SMS messages compared to just 22% for emails, bulk SMS marketing is a highly effective channel. Read more

By Clickatell in Products & Services | 18 April 2016

Cloud storage is so simple that many people are using it without even realizing it. Dropbox, Google Drive and other well-known ‘servers in the sky’ have made it so seamless to transition from hard-drive to cloud, that many don’t even stop to consider the risks. Read more

By Clickatell in Products & Services | 11 April 2016

Now more than ever, the possibility of a data breach should be top of mind for businesses. A glut of high-profile breaches in recent years – most notably Target, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ashley Madison and even the White House – has made companies sit up and listen: if it can happen to them, it can certainly happen to us. Read more

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