Clickatell’s SMS Gateway Makes Global Bulk Text Messaging Easy

Clickatell is a bulk SMS gateway platform provider that enables you to send or receive SMS messages to or from more than 1000 mobile networks to over 220 territories.

We’re a global leader in mobile messaging, enabling businesses to connect, interact, and transact with their customers wherever they are. Our bulk SMS gateway can deliver high volumes of bulk SMS messages globally and our SMS services are scalable, reliable, and extremely easy to implement.

Here’s how Clickatell’s SMS gateway works

Have you ever received an SMS message on your phone from your bank or another organization and wondered how it got there? Chances are your SMS text message was delivered through the Clickatell SMS Gateway which is one of the largest SMS platforms in the world, delivering text messages securely, reliably, and instantly to more than 6 billion people worldwide.

No messaging apps, no texting apps. You can send a text message with just one simple integration with our SMS gateway API, in no time. With a 98% open rate, SMS is a universal mobile solution because it works on all phones worldwide, regardless of the type of phone you’re trying to send to. Even the most basic mobile phone can receive SMS text messages. Let’s say, for example, you want to send timely SMS notifications to many or all of your customers. They would have SIM cards from different mobile networks and could be located anywhere in the world. It would be virtually impossible to keep track of the changes that people make to their mobile phones, switch numbers and networks.

How would you reliably reach them every time? What would you do if hundreds of people replied to your message or want to unsubscribe from further messages? How would you make sure that they didn’t receive an SMS in the middle of the night?

With Clickatell’s SMS gateway, you reach your customers anywhere on their phone in the simplest and most cost-effective way. Think of the Clickatell SMS gateway as a massive computer that’s connected to over 1000 mobile networks across the world on the one hand, and your business application on the other. This means that you don’t need to connect individually with every mobile network, you only need to connect one – to Clickatell’s SMS gateway.

Our SMS gateway will intelligently deliver your messages at the right time, to the correct mobile number, on the correct handset, in the correct country, anywhere in the world. With our SMS APIs it makes the task of integrating text messaging a breeze.

Here are a couple of reasons why businesses are choosing to use one-way SMS

Bulk SMS is not only used for marketing purposes though. Many businesses use one-way SMS messaging to improve internal processes and communication between employees, for example, and financial institutions take advantage of the immediacy of SMS for time sensitive messages like one-time PINs.

No Lead time

SMS messages can be created and delivered to the recipient’s phone within a matter of minutes.

Time to open

Not only are nearly all SMS messages opened, they’re typically read within 90 seconds of being sent.

Low cost

SMS marketing costs significantly less than other advertising options such print, radio, or TV. Combined with the brilliant open rates, the low cost makes bulk SMS one of the best options for a maximum return on investment (ROI) that you’ll find.

Open rate

SMS enjoys a staggering open rate of 98%. That means that nearly every single text message sent is being opened. In comparison, emails are only opened 22% of the time.

What are my options?

Clickatell currently offers two SMS APIs to integrate with our gateway via Clickatell Platform. Which API you choose really depends on your development capabilities, so if you’re not sure which to go with, don’t hesitate to contact our support team who’ll be more than happy to assist.


Our HTTP API enables you to send basic HTTP/S calls to the SMS API. You can loop through your database of mobile numbers and make HTTP/S requests to send your bulk text messages to them.

This is the most basic form of API and is extremely easy to use and integrate. It also offers simplified integration and testing and is a great option if you’re looking for a limited development alternative.


REST makes use of a specific set of constraints or programmatic rules which are applied over the HTTP protocol layer. Simply put, REST refers to the way in which HTTP should be used.

A greater variety of API calls and features are available, and therefore, greater development capability. The REST API is still extremely easy to integrate and allows for the use of a number of structured rules for webhooks.

Why choose Clickatell as your bulk SMS service provider?

Join more than 15000 global brands who have chosen Clickatell as their preferred SMS gateway provider.

Text messaging that delivers

Achieve a staggering 98% open rate for your bulk SMS messages. One-way and two-way text messaging options available.

Global SMS coverage

Clickatell’s SMS platform delivers billions of messages across 1000+ networks every month for top companies like Telegram, WhatsApp and IMDb.

Easy SMS integration

Integrate Clickatell Platform into your existing systems or apps – quickly and hassle-free. Use only 1 SMS gateway API to reach them all.

Cloud-based interface

Cloud-hosted user-friendly web interface offering simple wizard-driven code generation that’s quick and easy to use.

Use Clickatell Validate (HLR) to increase the ROI of your bulk SMS campaigns

Our Home Location Register (HLR) number look-up service offers an easy solution to clean your text messaging database and optimize costs. It enables you to increase the effectiveness of your bulks SMS campaigns with updated and valid customer data. Save money by only sending messages to valid numbers significantly reducing the number of undelivered SMS messages.

The information provided by Clickatell Validate (HLR) will allow you to:

  • Plan and target bulk SMS marketing campaigns more effectively
  • Improve the accuracy of your database
  • Reduce costs by identifying and removing invalid mobile numbers
  • Identify invalid and landline numbers that cannot receive SMS messages
  • Identify hidden costs by flagging mobile numbers that are roaming internationally

If you are interested in using the HLR service, please contact our sales division.

Contact Sales

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