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What is Chat 2 Pay?

Chat 2 Pay enables lightning-fast secure payments without leaving the messaging channel by simply tapping a button or replying to a message (requires the tokenization feature). Safe, convenient payment experiences are delivered with a message, or while chatting to a business in a messaging thread - whether with a bot or a live agent.

Chat 2 Pay simplifies the checkout experience, orchestrating the transaction between your business (the merchant) and the customer, enabling compliant, global payment acceptance directly within messaging channels. It will help your business reduce operational and payment processing costs by delivering a payment request via a low-cost, high-touch channel like chat.

Partnered with some of the most reputable payment platforms worldwide, Chat 2 Pay serves as a conduit, directing all payments through a secure payment gateway. It's important to note that Chat 2 Pay is not a payment gateway itself but rather functions as a facilitator, ensuring smooth and secure payment routing for your business.

  • See this webpage for more information on the product.

  • Also see here for more information on the applications you can use with Chat 2 Pay.

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