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How does the Chat 2 Pay payment link work?

Does the secure payment link expire?

Yes, the secure payment link sent on chat expires after 5 minutes if it is not clicked. Once it’s been clicked by the customer, the expiry time is extended for an additional 15 minutes to allow the customer to complete the payment.

My payment went into the REVIEW state, how can I resolve this?

If a payment is in REVIEW state, Chat 2 Pay will request a payment status confirmation from the Payment Gateway (Cybersource). This status update will then be used to auto-reverse the transaction if applicable.

How long before the payment page expires?

The payment page expires in 15 minutes, after which the transaction fails.

What happens if my transaction fails?

Chat 2 Pay exposes a Reversal API that can be executed once a transaction is unsuccessful.

What happens if the delivery of the payment or receipt link fails?

If the delivery of the payment link or receipt fails, the transaction will need to be re-initiated again.

How do I receive payments? Does Chat 2 Pay handle the money?

Chat 2 Pay does not handle the flow of funds. You as the merchant have a direct relationship with Cybersource (Payment Gateway) and your bank (Merchant Bank). The flow of funds is between these two parties.

Does Chat 2 Pay store payment information?

No, Chat 2 Pay does not store your personal payment details or information. We store details of the link generation and delivery.

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