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General WhatsApp

Are WhatsApp Business messages end-to-end encrypted?

Can I add multiple WhatsApp Business Accounts?

Can I send marketing or promotional messages using the WhatsApp Business Platform?

Can I use a landline number to register WhatsApp for my business?

Can businesses sign up on mobile devices?

How can I apply for a WhatsApp business account for my business?

How can I remove messaging limits from my WhatsApp account?

How can my business validate whether a phone number is enabled as a WhatsApp user?

How do I acquire a verified green tick for my WhatsApp Business Account?

How do I create a WhatsApp message template for approval?

How do users opt-in to receive notifications on WhatsApp?

How do you set up your 'Ads That Click To WhatsApp'?

How does WhatsApp for Business work?

How will customers discover your business on WhatsApp for the first time?

How will my customers know that it’s my business talking to them via WhatsApp?

What are WhatsApp message templates?

What are the eligibility requirements for a WhatsApp Business account?

What are the new WhatsApp template categories?

What are the prerequisites for a WhatsApp Business account?

What different types of business conversations are available in WhatsApp?

What does WhatsApp Business Verification entail?

What does the quality rating of my WhatsApp Business phone number mean?

What is 'Ads That Click to WhatsApp'?

What is WhatsApp message template pacing?

What is a WhatsApp message template and how do I use it with my WhatsApp integration?

What is the difference between the WhatsApp Business Platform and the WhatsApp Business app?

What is the difference between the WhatsApp Cloud-Hosted API and the On-Premises API?

What is the maximum size for media messages that a business can receive on WhatsApp?

What is the maximum size media message which a business can send via WhatsApp?

What is the price to send or receive a message on my WhatsApp Business Account?

What messaging limits apply to my WhatsApp Business account?

What services are permitted on WhatsApp Business Platform?

Which message types and media formats are supported by the WhatsApp Business Platform?

Which phone number and display name should a business sign up with?

Why do I need a Facebook Business Manager ID when I apply for a WhatsApp Business Account?

Why does my WhatsApp number have the incorrect status in Meta Business Manager?

Why was my WhatsApp Business Account application rejected?

Why was my message template rejected?

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