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What type of reporting is available on Chat Desk?

Chat Desk Dashboard

The Chat Desk Dashboard provides a summary of near real-time data relating to agent performance and availability (past and present) and provides a view of your customers' engagement behavior (past and present). This data enables you as a supervisor to easily monitor the activities across your Chat Desk and to ensure that clients are being serviced efficiently.

There are three tabs, each displaying useful real-time information.

1.Activity Overview

This tab provides an overview of how your agents are currently performing.

2.Agents Performance

This tab provides an overview of your agents' activity. Agents are grouped by department (if set up). Expanding an agent's section gives a detailed view per individual chat.

3.Customers Overview

Under Live Customers, you can view data relating to customers who are currently engaged in live chats. The Customers History tab shows customer satisfaction ratings and graphs, net promoter scores and graphs, live chats by channel, and past sentiment.

For more information, see the Chat Desk User Guide here.

Agents & Reports in Clickatell Portal

The Analytics & Reports --> Agents tab in your Clickatell Portal also provides a graphical overview of your account activities. You can download the reports by clicking the "Download Report" link in the top right corner.

You get access to the following Chat Desk reports in the Clickatell Portal:

  1. Full Analytics

  2. Customer Satisfaction

 For more information, see the Clickatell Portal User Guide here.

1.Full Analytics

This report provides a full view of your Chat Desk data over different periods. The buttons at the top can be used to navigate to the Summary Report, Agent Report, or Templates Report. Each view includes metrics and the top and, scrolling down, you'll also find visual representations of these and other metrics.

Use the Definitions and Rules button at the top for more detail about each metric. 

2.Customer Satisfaction

The Customer Satisfaction report provides an overview of the current day's NPS and/or CSAT survey results (assuming you have set up these surveys in Chat Desk).

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