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Can I set up automated response messages?

Auto-responders are messages that, if enabled, are automatically displayed to end-users in certain scenarios, e.g. when all agents are busy or when a customer has reached your business outside of support hours. Default messages have been added for each type of auto-responder that you can either use as-is or edit to create custom messages.

To manage your auto-responders, log into the Clickatell Portal and navigate to My Workspace --> Chat Desk. Click 'Launch Chat Desk Dashboard', then 'Settings', and go to the 'Auto Responders' tab.

 The following auto-responders are available:

  • Directing to Agent message (WhatsApp & SMS): If no agents are available, an incoming chat is added to a queue and assigned to the first available agent. Manage customer expectations by informing them of this.

  • Connecting Agent message (WhatsApp & SMS): Inform an end-user when they are being connected with an available agent via WhatsApp and what the agent's name is.

  • End Chat and Opt-Out Keywords message (WhatsApp & SMS): Enable your customers to end a chat or opt-out of the service using specific keywords.

  • Agent Busy message (WhatsApp & SMS): Manage customer expectations by informing customers when all agents are busy.

  • Out of Support Hours message (WhatsApp & SMS): Let customers know they have reached you outside of support hours and that an agent will attend to their chat as soon as possible during core support hours.

  • End Chat message (WhatsApp & SMS): This message is displayed to an end-user when either an agent or an end-user closes/ends a chat. Desk Dashboard', then 'Settings', and go to the 'Auto Responders' tab.

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