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How will my customers know that it’s my business talking to them via WhatsApp?

When creating a new WhatsApp account via Clickatell's user portal, your application is submitted to WhatsApp for review. WhatsApp will grant access to the WhatsApp network at its discretion and once approved and verified, your WhatsApp number will be associated with a verified business name.

WhatsApp recognizes two types of business accounts:

  • Regular business account: Every approved business gets this status. Your verified business name is only visible in the contact view; all other views display your WhatsApp Business phone number. No green checkmark is visible.

  • Official business account: Only select businesses are given this status at WhatsApp's discretion. Your verified business name is visible in the contact as well as in other views. A green checkmark is visible in the contact view.

For more information about the two types of business accounts and how to apply for an official business account, see here.

As a registered business, you can also add details to your business profile like your location, hours of operation, a brief business description, and a link to your website. This will help your customers easily identify your business.


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