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How do I create a WhatsApp message template for approval?

A WhatsApp message template is a special type of message that is required for any business-initiated or re-engagement conversations via the WhatsApp channel.

As a registered WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP), Clickatell makes it easy for you to submit and manage your message templates. 

Log in to your Clickatell Portal and go to the WhatsApp account you want to create a new message template for. The actual creation of the template takes place in Facebook Business Manager (see here) and you can view your templates and the status of each from within the Clickatell Portal.  

Once your template is approved by WhatsApp, you can start sending

Note: Clickatell has no direct say in whether your message template is approved by Meta or not, however, here are some tips and best practices to help improve your chances.

Message template rejected? Read here to learn more about possible reasons why. 

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