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What are WhatsApp message templates?

A message template is a special format used by businesses to send a WhatsApp message to customers. It looks and acts like a normal WhatsApp message, with the main difference being that WhatsApp must pre-approve it before you can send it to customers. Message templates are required outside of an open conversation window and can only be sent to customers who have opted in and given you permission to send them messages. 

Read more regarding the Opt-In rules in the WhatsApp Business Policy.

Templates also simplify messaging by letting you reuse often-used, generic messages with variable details instead of creating them from scratch every time. When customers get a notification from your verified business for the first time and haven't saved you as a contact yet, WhatsApp shows these approved message templates without warnings, reducing the risk of it being marked as spam. 

At Clickatell, message templates can fall into one of two categories: Marketing or Utility. Marketing templates are used to send promotional offers, product announcements, and other messages that increase brand awareness and engagement. Utility templates are used to send account and order updates, alerts, and messages that aim to share essential information with customers. 

Learn more about how to create a WhatsApp message template for approval.

Note that certain limitations apply to your message templates until your business is verified.

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