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How do I send a Chat 2 Pay link from Chat Desk?

In a chat message window during a live chat, click on the “Extensions” icon (puzzle-shaped icon). In the list of extensions, click Chat 2 Pay.

In the pop-up, enter the required detail and click Send.

Can a Chat Desk supervisor send a Chat 2 Pay link?

Currently, only agents on Chat Desk can send a Chat 2 Pay link to end-users.

However, a Supervisor can see all the details of Chat 2 Pay transactions (e.g., how many Chat 2 Pay payment links were sent, which agent(s) sent the Chat 2 Pay payment links, what’s the current and past statuses of a Chat 2 Pay transaction, etc.) in the Supervisor Desk.


Is Chat 2 Pay in Chat Desk linked to any Order Management System?

No, Chat 2 Pay in Chat Desk is not linked to any Order Management System.


Can an agent enter additional order details while sending a payment request?

Yes, there is an option to enter the order number. (See screenshot above.)


See the Chat Desk User Guide for more information.

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