Clickatell Supports Your Path to the Chat Commerce Revolution

By: Jeppe Dorff, Chief Product and Technology Officer

2020 has been an exciting year for Clickatell. We have celebrated our 20th anniversary and launched products and feature enhancements that help our customers communicate and engage with their own consumers in innovative new ways. The investments we have made in our suite of chat commerce solutions will make it easier for our customers to connect, interact, and transact with their own loyal customers, lowering costs, increasing customer engagement and brand loyalty, and opening valuable new revenue channels.

Our key 2020 product releases and improvements that are helping leading brands better serve their customers include a new unified portal, a 24/7 live customer support agent desk, our workflow builder, new services for Transact, our robust chat commerce engine, and enhancements to our WhatsApp offering.

Clickatell Portal

One unified product experience

To make it more convenient to access your Clickatell channels and products, we have unified the experience for our customers to explore, select, access, and manage anything in their Clickatell universe from one central place. Our new customer portal will save you valuable time and make the experience of accessing and leveraging our tools more efficient and streamlined.

Chat Desk

24/7 live agent customer support desk on leading mobile chat channels

Is your contact center overburdened with high call volumes and complicated processes for escalating customer inquiries and issues within the contact center? Now with Chat Desk, your contact center can allow customers to resolve issues using chat in WhatsApp, deflecting call volumes from live agents and reducing call wait times. Chat Desk’s sophisticated tracking and reporting capabilities also provide brands the customer activity and sentiment, NPS, and performance scoring that ensures your agents are productive and your customers are satisfied. Lessen wait times, improve the customer experience, and inject powerful new workflows into your contact center.


Build automated customer conversations in minutes across multiple chat channels

Do your developers take too long to build the rich, mobile chat experiences your customers want?

Try our new, intuitive workflow builder to rapidly create workflows that perform across multiple messaging and chat channels and provide your customers new and engaging self-service choices.


Grow commerce and distribute goods and services on chat

Drive innovation, build new revenue channels, and take the next step in joining the chat commerce revolution. Our Transact Commerce Templates provide pre-defined workflows that allow you to rapidly deploy new services to drive higher user retention and activate powerful revenue streams, popular messaging, and chat channels.

Transact enhancements will help your business to:

  • Easily enable chat commerce with predefined workflows that give you a user experience that is optimized for chat and designed to maximize sales.

  • Offer banking services in rural environments—without setting up expensive infrastructure.

  • Drive significantly higher user retention and lifetime value by offering prepaid airtime and data products via mobile chat.

  • Enable bill payments to allow your customers to conveniently make payments for common services (e.g., utilities, electricity) through their favorite chat app.

WhatsApp Investments

Improving your connection to the world’s leading messaging app

Every business wants to be where their customers are. And WhatsApp is the most popular chat app with more than 2bn monthly active users.

We have enhanced our WhatsApp business solution to make it easier to use and deliver richer consumer capabilities.

Here are some areas where our best-in-class WhatsApp interface just got better.

  • WhatsApp Operations: Applying for, registering, and managing multiple WhatsApp Business Accounts (WABA) has been greatly simplified.

  • Message Template Automation: Your message template registration has been streamlined for personalized engagement with your customers.

  • Rich Media Templates: Now you can include rich media such as photos and videos in messages sent to customers.


Clickatell is building a robust set of products for brands and enterprises to offer quick and convenient customer experiences on chat. Talk to us today to learn more about how our 20 years of experience can let you get even closer to your customers than ever before to Connect, Interact, and Transact in this new Chat Commerce and mobile-first world. As simple as Hi.Buy.Bye!





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