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Join your customers on WhatsApp

More than 1.5 billion people in 180 countries use WhatsApp. Many of them are your customers—many others could be. Clickatell makes it easier to reach customers through the WhatsApp Business API. As an authorized Business Solution Provider, Clickatell is ready to help you achieve your vision of connecting with your customers on WhatsApp.

Use the WhatsApp Business Solution to:

  • Send and receive messages, images, video and more

  • Track the status of sent, delivered and read messages

  • Secure two-way chat with customers

clickatell whatsapp mobile

Less friction with Clickatell's WhatsApp Enterprise Solution, for happier and more engaged customers

Reach your customers through the app they love: WhatsApp. Clickatell can help you automate routine two-way communication and take advantage of WhatsApp notification templates.

Use Case

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airline support chat


Resolve issues faster

Respond to customer questions—and automate many types of responses—as you resolve issues about seats, upgrades, rewards and more through chat

Send alerts

Keep customers informed about their travel plans without forcing them to open emails or branded apps

eCommerce support chat


Manage customer inquires

Respond to inquiries about refunds, returns, product availability and more automatically through chat

Connect customers to order details

Send customers shipping and delivery information and confirm purchases—all automatically

Banking support chat


Automate two-way communication

Respond to routine questions about accounts, balances, lost cards and more through WhatsApp

Alert customers of issues instantly

Empower customers to respond faster to suspicious activity, low balances and other notifications by connecting with them through their favorite chat app

Start using WhatsApp Business now with Clickatell

People like to chat on WhatsApp because it’s secure, easy and reliable. To keep chat delightful, WhatsApp requires that WhatsApp business users follow a number of guidelines. You must also apply for access. Turn to Clickatell to navigate WhatsApp Business security and other requirements more quickly. Start today, and see results sooner.

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Communicate freely and effectively with more customers


countries use WhatsApp

60 billion

WhatsApp messages sent daily

4.5 billion

photos shared per day


Engage more customers with Clickatell's WhatsApp solution

Two ways to set up a WhatsApp business presence

WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp caters for small businesses with a limited standalone app (available in select regions).

  • Best suited to small businesses with low message volumes

  • Quickly respond to customers. Chatbot integrations, however, require using the WhatsApp Business Solution

  • Limited automation – ‘away’ messages available

  • One number per device. Multiple users enabled via our WhatsApp Business Solution

  • Perfect for product messaging where no commerce is required

Please click here for details

WhatsApp Business Solution

The WhatsApp Business API delivers a WhatsApp enterprise solution. Clickatell offers WhatsApp Business API integration that makes chat commerce part of enterprise workflows—fast.

  • Take advantage of fully managed WhatsApp verification, approval and on-boarding

  • Accelerate success with fully managed technology integration, support, infrastructure and storage

  • Create and manage your business profile

  • Use a simplified REST-based API to send and receive messages via WhatsApp

Get Started

The Clickatell WhatsApp Business API caters to larger enterprise businesses* with higher messaging volumes, addressing the need for business process automation and integration within their existing communication and marketing platforms.

Features of WhatsApp Business API:

  • Send & receive rich text messages, images, video, and popular document formats

  • Status updates to track sent, delivered and read messages

  • Comprehensive statistics and analytics reporting capabilities

  • Secure end-to-end messaging

Clickatell WhatsApp Business API integration:

  • Clickatell Connect makes it easy for you to reach your customers on WhatsApp

  • Simplified REST-based API for WhatsApp messaging

  • Use the same Clickatell account to communicate on other available channels

  • Fully managed verification, approval and rapid on-boarding

  • Fully managed business profile management, technology integration, support, infrastructure management, and storage services

  • Self-serve portal for messaging tools, administration and management

*WhatsApp caters for Small to Medium Businesses by offering a lightweight, CRM communication tool within the app.

In a multi-channel world, One API simplifies

Access multiple messaging channels with a once-off, unified integration

Messaging has become more convenient than ever for consumers, who are now able to reach businesses on the channel of their choice. Our One API solution makes it just as convenient for your brand to provide the multi-channel availability that customers expect.


  • Enable multiple communication channel access without individual integration effort per channel

  • Reduce cost of development with a single API implementation

  • Configure and enable encryption for secure messaging needs

  • Support high deliverability of messages using rules based channel failover between WhatsApp and SMS

  • Test and utilize new messaging channels as they become available on the Connect platform

Get the WhatsApp plan that’s right for your business

What’s included Entry Basic Starter Growth
WhatsApp Verified Number
Throughput Per Second* 1 Msg. Per Sec. 2 Msg. Per Sec. 5 Msg. Per Sec. 10 Msg. Per Sec.
Monthly Message Bundle (up to)** 10 K 50 K 125 K 250 K +
Encryption Server Server Server & Client Server & Client
High Availability Shared Shared Dedicated Dedicated with redundancy
WhatsApp Templated Messaging***
Online Business Reporting
Support E-mail E-mail E-mail Premium
Monthly Price

Our prices are exclusive of all applicable taxes

$125 $350 $995

Are you interested in our Enterprise Packages, offering high throughput for large message volumes?
Please contact us.

You might also be interested in Touch

Clickatell Touch enables automated and live agent 2-way messaging between businesses and its customers through various channels including WhatsApp. Leverage the combined power of WhatsApp and Clickatell Touch and give your business the competitive edge.

Touch is pre-integrated with WhatsApp, so you don't have to worry about additional development. With Touch, a business can:

  • Conduct customer and live agent communication using the Touch Chat Desk application

  • Provide automated responses to in-bound frequently asked customer queries through trained chat bots

  • Provide self-guided workflow experiences using the Touch business automation tools for common customer care engagements

Learn More



What you will be charged for What you will NOT be charged for
One-time setup fee Any consumer-initiated communication
Business initiated interactions Responses to customer initiated chats (within a set time)
Recurring management fee

Process Overview

Here's a look at the high-level WhatsApp Enterprise API on-boarding process flow:

Business Application Review

Step 1

Online application submission

Program use case review

Clickatell Approval

Step 2

Program accepted

TOS and Policy Review

Connect account setup

WhatsApp Approval

Step 3

Business approval

TOS and Policy Review

Business Configuration


Enable business on WhatsApp

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