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Retail Banking: Chatting your way to smarter financial services

When it comes to their financial well-being, customers crave peace of mind, knowing their money is secure and easily accessible. Security and convenience are paramount. 

With WhatsApp and Clickatell's innovative Chat Commerce Platform, you can provide seamless, secure, and customer-centric digital experiences within the familiar messaging channel your customers trust and use daily. 

App-like banking features without an app

In the era of digital transformation, WhatsApp is emerging as a way for financial institutions to offer a seamless, secure, and efficient customer experience that makes banking more accessible and convenient, delivering app-like features outside the banking app.  

With its familiar interface and messaging format, WhatsApp feels intuitive and comfortable, making it easier for customers to adapt to banking through this platform without having to download and learn a new app. They can seamlessly access banking services, manage their finances, and chat to support all in one place, without switching apps. Plus, with its widespread availability across multiple platforms and devices and low data requirements, WhatsApp is the perfect platform for banking on-the-go. Say goodbye to app fatigue and hello to streamlined banking! 

Try it out!

We've built a demo retail banking chatbot to show how integrating mobile messaging into a customer engagement strategy can lead to great user experiences without an app.

Scan the QR code to start a conversation with Unity Metro Bank on WhatsApp. Remember to click "Send" to get going. Use the keyword "account" to bypass the authentication process and view account details.

Disclaimer: This demo chatbot is fictional and does not represent any real business or service provider. It is intended solely for demonstration purposes and does not offer genuine services or responses. For more information in this regard visit

Convenience, engagement, and bank-grade security

From one-way notifications to interactive self-service or live agent exchanges, Clickatell helps retail banks provide meaningful and personalized digital customer engagement, service, and support that customers can access when it is convenient for them. WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption, ensuring that messages and transactions exchanged between the customer and the bank remain secure and private; not even WhatsApp can read the messages. 

Clickatell’s Platform also complies with global security and privacy regulations to enable rich financial service experiences while keeping your business and your customers safe. We have established rigorous policies and procedures to keep our client’s data safe, to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, and to protect them from potential data breaches. We are certified or compliant with the following standards: 

Let customers take banking into their own hands 

Using WhatsApp to deliver retail banking services simplifies many processes that previously required manual intervention, and through deep integration to the business back-end, using this channel can help streamline operations and reduce costs for financial institutions. 

Below are some features and use cases you can unlock when partnering with Clickatell and WhatsApp to deliver banking and financial services.  

Discover financial products and sign up for an account 

WhatsApp banking allows for a simple and quick onboarding process, getting users started with banking services faster. Enable customers to instantly create a new account or apply for other financial products through a guided process made more intuitive by using WhatsApp. This includes all the important steps, such as due diligence in capturing consent, as well as ID credentials for identity verification*, legal disclosures, and even providing a welcome kit. 

* Clickatell does not offer identity verification but can advise and assist in creating robust onboarding workflows 

Account Services & Transactions 

From checking account balances and adding beneficiaries to updating PINs and blocking lost cards, with WhatsApp and Clickatell you can enable your customers to manage their accounts securely and conveniently. Here are some of the services you’ll be able to offer: 

Account Management 

  • Check account balances 

  • Retrieve bank statements 

  • Stop payments 

  • Manage renewals, changes, cancellations 

  • Update personal information 


  • Transfer funds between accounts 

  • Pay beneficiaries 

  • Settle phone, utility, and credit card bills 

  • Receive updates and alerts for appointments and payments due 

Fraud management 

  • Report fraud or ID theft 

  • Turn cards on/off 

Customer Support 

WhatsApp banking offers personalized customer support through chat, making it feel more human and approachable. With WhatsApp banking, customers can: 

  • Access 24/7 customer service with rapid responses to inquiries. 

  • Receive updates, alerts, and notifications about new services and promotions. 

  • Get support for various banking processes, such as account inquiries, balance checks, fund transfers, and bill payments through simple text-based commands. 

  • Connect with human agents for further assistance as and when needed. 

  • Access various self-service options, such as product information, connection to a broker or service provider, FICA/KYC self-serve, branch location and information, FAQs, and providing customer feedback. 

Invest in the future of banking  

Leveraging WhatsApp and Clickatell's innovative Chat Commerce Platform, you can revolutionize banking experiences, putting customers in control of their financial management. As consumers increasingly embrace chat as a preferred channel for doing business, retail banks aiming to connect with their more digital-savvy audiences and optimize efficiency should seize this opportunity to get ahead of the growing trend. By integrating chat capabilities, banks can align with the digital habits of their customers, provide user-centric experiences while minimizing operational costs, and ultimately fuel growth and market leadership. 

Ready to let your customers bank on their terms via Clickatell’s Chat Commerce Platform? Contact Clickatell today! 

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