A complete digital distribution and payments acceptance platform built for growth

Increase engagement on your chat applications with products such as airtime, data, and bill payments

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Chat desk solutions by Clickatell

Get the tools and services you need to drive customer engagement.

  • Reduce complexity around distributing digital products or services.

  • Integrate secure and compliant payment methods into checkout processes.

  • Actively manage transactions in chat channels.

  • Facilitate commerce securely and reliably in a highly scalable manner.

  • Allow a variety of payment methods.

  • Get to market faster with a flexible and customizable payment and digital product distribution platform.

What you need to succeed in Chat Commerce

Increase engagement on your chat applications and earn commissions by selling proven, market-specific digital products such as airtime, data, and bill payments that drive acquisition and increase retention.

Offer in-chat payment with Clickatell’s pre-defined commerce templates which are built for ready integration with your existing payment acceptance vendors.

Gain real-time and detailed views of each transaction, sale, and refund with Clickatell’s Portal. Transaction Management services automatically take care of vendor-specific rules for retries and queuing, providing the higher conversion rates in the industry.

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Offer services in rural environments—without setting up expensive infrastructure. Enable bank customers to operate as agents to carry out mobile banking transactions via chat on behalf of other consumers.

  • Allow agents to access your services from any feature or smart phone, anywhere, any time.

  • Track sales, calculate commissions, extend services.

  • Give agents all the tools they need to get started immediately.

Skillfully roll out new services within a chat app. Our Commerce Templates are pre-defined workflows that give you user experiences optimized for chat and designed to maximize sales.

Drive significantly higher user retention and lifetime value by offering prepaid airtime and data products via your mobile chat.

  • Facilitate self-purchase, gifting, and auto top-up.

  • Improve the likelihood of the sale by automatically curating the most popular, geographically relevant and user-targeted data products.

  • Seamlessly integrate preferred payment acceptance methods.

Allow users to easily pay for bills (e.g., electricity) and you significantly drive user retention within chat.

  • Easily verify and manage biller information.

  • Get comprehensive coverage of billers.

  • Seamlessly integrate with your preferred payment acceptance methods.

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Business reporting analytics

Critically analyze your brand’s performance in the chat economy with detailed business reports that show insights across your entire product stack.

Billing and payment

Simplify billing and payments across all products within the Clickatell product stack. Keep detailed tabs on your brand’s costs within the chat economy.

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Serve your customer’s digital distribution and payment needs via chat channels.