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Clickatell Transact facilitates payment processing and allows you to distribute and manage digital products like airtime and data, where your business can make use of your customers’ preferred or existing channels. Integrated with multiple digital product providers, Clickatell Transact enables you to expand and manage your product offering through providers like major mobile network operators, pre-paid electricity providers, paid television providers, and more.

Change the way you distribute virtual products

Over 7 million

active mobile users

Over 215 million

annual transactions


distributor of virtual airtime and data in Nigeria

Unlock new revenue streams with .Core

.Core is a cloud-based platform that allows for the distribution and direct debit payment of multiple digital products such as airtime, data, and prepaid electricity with a single API. The platform allows for highly reliable and scalable management of both payments and product distribution with benchmark setting transaction success rates.

.Core supports your electronic banking channels such as mobile banking apps, online/internet banking, USSD, chat service banking (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram), POS devices, and any electronic check out point. We're constantly expanding our points of distribution.

  • Pre-integrated with 6 digital products from over 20 providers
    (out the box)

  • Velocity checks allows you to set transaction limits

  • Automated queuing and retries increases the number of transactions processed by reducing failures

  • Superior customer support provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Embedded fraud and risk management capabilities

  • Omni channel capabilities allow for easy activation of digital sales

  • Data and airtime SKUs from various mobile network operators

  • Performance reports provide relevant insights into product performance

  • Easy to integrate APIs using globally accepted standards

  • Automatically flag duplicate transactions to prevent unwanted purchases & refund requests.


Optimize your customers' banking experience with .Control

.Control is a cloud-based self-service app that allows you to customize your own USSD, WhatsApp, and other banking workflows to improve your overall user experience. Built for the purpose of rapid deployment, the system allows you to update or create new workflows within minutes, integrating into your core banking systems using an intuitive user interface.

Feature focus

  • Make and deploy banking menu changes in minutes

  • General staff can manage menus without any developer involvement

  • Drag and drop menu items on a user-friendly interface

  • Add validation and calculations through the simple code editor

  • Intuitive interface to integrate with .CORE banking APIs

  • Built-in emulator to allow you to immediately test your flows for all channels

  • Access to a library of pre-loaded and customizable USSD flows

  • Easy integration, training and installation to get you started

USSD Controller

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Tap into the power of Clickatell Transact to expand your product offering and unlock new revenue streams. For more information about our presence in Nigeria, visit the payd website or get in touch with our dedicated support team.

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