Clickatell celebrates its 20th anniversary as a company launching new portal to provide customers with single entry into full suite of customer services.

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary as a company, we continue to push boundaries in our quest to delight our clients and users. The time has finally arrived to introduce our next generation portal, geared to become the single entry point for our valued clients to gain access to all their Clickatell products and services. Clickatell is excited to announce a new portal unifying access to Clickatell’s client-facing products and services into one stunning new portal, underpinned by world-class user experience and a high-end, modern technology stack.

The new portal is based on valuable feedback that we have received from our customers, and we thank each of our customers and partners for their insights and help. Customers will find that the portal will improve productivity and help them get the most out of our messaging, engagement, and commerce technologies.

The new interface is designed to offer a great user experience, bringing together the full suite of Clickatell’s products and services under one umbrella, and emphasizes a design language built upon simplicity, convenience, and control.

Here are some highlights of this new portal:

  • We have updated the look and feel of the portal to reflect the latest advances in user experience.

  • Our new single sign-on function allows users immediate access to the full range of Clickatell products and services*.

  • We have developed an improved intuitive product and service management system, providing our customers with a single-interface experience for improved operator efficiency and control.

  • The new portal features custom dashboards as well as phased self-service application activations with real-time, and personalized status feedback. Customers will now have comprehensive real-time product analytics and actionable reporting.

  • We have also developed new filtering options to enable specific data-set breakdowns.

Thank you for your continued support of Clickatell and please let us know how you like our new portal. We can’t wait to hear your feedback.

* Note that clients will not be able to select and self-on-board to the Transact Marketplace products yet. Self-service capabilities for this product will be introduced in a future release.

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