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What limits apply when sending and receiving media via WhatsApp?

Sending media via WhatsApp

Businesses are limited to submitting 20MB per message/payload (this can include multiple media files per message). Clickatell will compress the media when required to ensure successful hand-off to the WhatsApp server for delivery.

Clickatell currently only allows a particular account to do 1,000 uploads per 24-hour period. The main purpose of this is to prevent abuse on an account level. To increase the media upload limit, please log a ticket with support to review this request.

Receiving media via WhatsApp

For receiving media, WhatsApp supports the following limits per media type:

Images: 5MB
Documents: 64MB
Audio: 16MB

Clickatell is bound to comply with WhatsApp server requirements and to ensure that all media callbacks are within the limits stated above when delivering to the business.

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