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How do I set, clear or change my filters?

To access reporting from within your portal, select the Analytics & Reports tab from the main navigation panel. Various filters are available, which you can select or unselect at any stage.

No filters are set by default on any of your reports. Navigating away from the page automatically clears the filters. You cannot save the specific filters you've selected and will have to reselect them if you navigate away from the page.

The following filters are available on the respective reports:


  • Full Analytics - Toggle between channels using the buttons at the top. Filter by environment and country using the drop-downs, and select a date range using the date picker.

  • Report - Select whether you want to view Sent' or Received messages. Select the date range, environment, and channel you want to filter on from the respective drop-downs.

  • SMS Stop List - Filter on date range.


  • Switch between a Summary, Agent, and Templates view using the buttons at the top.

  • Set the default month and select a date range and time of day.


  • Switch between a general and a flow feature view using the buttons at the top.

  • Select a date range.

  • For the Flow Feature view, also filter on company and account ID.


  • Select an environment (sandbox/production), provider (Zendesk Sell, Salesforce, Shopify, Zendesk Support), and application name (Chat Flow/Chat Desk).

  • Filter on date range.

Payments (Chat 2 Pay)

  • Filter on channel and integrator.

  • Filter on data range.

Once you’ve selected the criteria you want to filter your report on, you can download the report (with the filters applied) as a PDF document.

For more information, see the Clickatell Portal User Guide.


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