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Where can I find my detailed sent and received message reports?

To access reporting from within your portal, select the Analytics & Reports tab from the main navigation panel.

Depending on the package you are on, you get access to certain reports as shown below. You can also download all of these reports as PDF documents.

For more information, please refer to the Clickatell Portal User Guide.

Messaging channels (all packages)

  • Full Analytics - Get a full view of all your channels' data over different periods.

  • Channels Report - Create, view, and download (PDF) custom reports based on your channel activity. This can be done for sent and received messages respectively.

  • SMS Stop List - View and download (PDF) a list of the customers who opted out from your account's SMS channel for a specified date range.

Agents (Chat Desk) (Interact and Transact packages)

  • Full Analytics - Provides a full view of your Chat Desk data over different periods, including chat activities, agent performance, and template usage.

  • Customer Satisfaction - Get an overview of the current day's NPS and/or CSAT survey results (assuming you have set up these surveys in Chat Desk).

Bots (Chat Flow) (Interact and Transact packages)

  • Overview - Get an overview of the activity on your Chat Flow application.

  • Full Analytics - Provides a full view of your Chat Flow data over different periods.

Integrations (Interact and Transact packages)

  • Full Analytics - Provides a full view of your Integrations data over different periods. Filter on environment (product/sandbox), provider (Salesforce, Zendesk Sell, Zendesk Support, Shopify), and application name (Chat Flow/Chat Desk).

Payments (Chat 2 Pay) (Transact package)

  • Full Analytics - Get an overview of the Chat 2 Pay activity on your account. View it for a selected date range, channel, and integrator.

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