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How do I get a long number from Clickatell?

Once you've applied and paid for a long number, it will automatically be assigned to your account.

In 2-Way Numbers, select 'Get Long Numbers'. If you have not yet set up your billing information, a pop-up message will direct you there. If the billing information is set up, the easy-to-use setup wizard tool will guide you through the following steps:

1. Select a country (available countries will be displayed)

2. Select a number (numbers in stock would display)

3. Select subscription plan

4. Add your subscription to the cart and go to payment

When you've successfully paid for the long number, it will be displayed under 2-Way Numbers on your dashboard. You can manage your long number subscriptions under Subscriptions, where you'll see active numbers. You are now ready to link your long number to a two-way SMS integration to start sending two-way messages.

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