The Product Triad at Clickatell: A Partnership, not a Battlefield

By: Gavin Harvett, SVP of Product Management at Clickatell.

Clickatell has been serving the global messaging needs of brands for over 20 years. I have only been part of the journey for the past 2 years, during which time I have worked with some of the brightest minds and most passionate people I could have hoped to share part of my career with.  Today we find ourselves on the cusp of the chat commerce revolution, and we are looking to grow our Product and Development team with more rock stars that are serious about punching a hole in the universe.

To innovate and deliver product outcomes at the pace that the market requires, we are growing our teams in each area of the well-known Product Triad: Product Management, UX/UI Design, and Software Development. Great products are built at the intersection of these 3 related yet distinct disciplines. Our goal is to get the balance just right so these areas complement each other and deliver products that delight our clients and their customers.

Writing for the world’s largest independent Product Management community, Product Coalition, Anthony Murphy, Product Managers and Leaders coach,  captured the essence of what high performing Product teams look like, stating that a Product Team is a partnership of people benefitting from each others’ strengths and making up for each others’ weaknesses. At Clickatell, we strive to do just that in order to ensure that our Product, Design, and Technology teams work in partnership rather than on a battlefield.

We have a diverse product portfolio ranging from a high-throughput communication layer supporting multiple channels (Connect), to assisted (Chat Desk) and unassisted (Chat Flow) chat applications, all the way to commerce-centric products (Transact). Each part of our portfolio has a distinct value proposition and satisfies compelling market opportunities. The magic, however, happens when the entire portfolio dovetails to empower brands to pursue their overall chat-centric digital innovation initiatives.

Besides the Product functions, we also have open vacancies for world class Marketing, Sales, Infrastructure, and Human Resources specialists. Browse our open positions to find the right position for you. Who knows. You might be our next Clickatell Champion and become part of a team looking to change the face of digital commerce through the chat apps you already use every single day.

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