Tune into the mobile channels your customers use most


Reach and engage customers over their favorite channels

Deepen relationships with your customers. Engage them over the right mobile channels with compelling information, and offer easy access to answers and self-service with one-way updates and two-way conversations. The Connect platform lets you communicate securely, reliably, and instantly using integrations into either Clickatell’s One API or messaging-specific APIs.

SMS API and two-way messaging  solutions by Clickatell.


Build your SMS conversation your way. Enable SMS for any application, website, or system, and facilitate international two-way messaging—and more. Tap into Clickatell’s SMS to open a personalized communication channel with more than 5 billion customers.

  • Rapidly reach customers wherever they are.

  • Offer personalized, real-time engagement with one-way and two-way messaging.

  • Integrate with CRM and other systems.

  • Add SMS to your website to be more responsive and conversational.

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WhatsApp API for increased customer engagement and sales.


Engage with customers over their favorite chat app, WhatsApp. Clickatell is a leader in delivering WhatsApp services to businesses, and is ready to help you connect to the 2 billion+ people in 180 countries using WhatsApp.

  • Reach your customers through the mobile app they use most, WhatsApp.

  • Automate routine two-way communication, and create your own branded WhatsApp notification templates.

  • Send and receive messages, images, videos, and more.

  • Track the status of sent, delivered, and read messages.

  • Conduct encrypted two-way chats with customers.

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Build stronger, longer-lasting customer relationships

Personalize customer experiences

Personalize customer experiences

Provide a single, user-friendly interface to access more mobile channels.

Drive satisfaction and customer engagement

Drive satisfaction and customer engagement

Reach more customers and drive better results—while lowering business costs.

Increase availability

Increase availability

Communicate securely, reliably, and instantly with customers.

Save costs

Save costs

Scale easily to reach the number of customers that you require.

Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

Make your brand more relevant and attractive to mobile-first customers.

What you get with our Connect platform


Encrypted chat so conversations remain private between business and your customers.

Channel management

Add new mobile channels, set up channel properties, and define integrations with your business systems to reach more customers across channels and applications.

Number management

Easily manage numbers and short codes for SMS integrations and WhatsApp chat configurations for more-reliable communications.

Connect Dashboard

Business reporting analytics

Know your brand’s performance with detailed business reports across multiple Clickatell channels.

User services

Manage user roles and rights, with the ability to change privileges as required across channels.

Billing and payment

Straightforward billing and payments across channels.


Deploy and manage new services across channels as needed.

Portal Dashboard
Messages exchanged about making transfers

Open the door to many channels with a single integration

With the Clickatell One API, you can send and receive messages on both WhatsApp and SMS without the overhead of programming individual channels. One API will also support the additional messaging channels that we plan to add to the Connect platform.

  • Access multiple communication channels without multiple integrations.

  • Reduce costs and complexity by supporting all channels with a single API.

  • Configure and enable encryption for secure messaging needs.

  • Reliably deliver more messages with rules-based channel failover between WhatsApp and SMS.

  • Test and utilize new messaging channels as they become available on the Connect platform.

Channels supported on One API:



Connect more directly with your customers across channels.