New ways that bulk SMS messaging is being used in the workplace

New uses for bulk SMS messaging

In a digital-driven workplace, a strong communications strategy is key to a productive workforce. From HR memos to project deadlines and employee security, there are countless reasons why companies should be using bulk SMS messaging to communicate internally with employees and even customers.

Part of running a business means looking after the wellbeing of your employees. Thankfully, AI technology trends make it easier for businesses to engage employees in the business and inform them about anything that might influence them. This type of interaction generates an even bigger impact on employee satisfaction while decreasing the amount of admin work for managing departments.

Using bulk SMS messaging for employee safety and security

Whether you’re looking to protect your employees’ personal information or their physical belongings, security is an important facet of your organization. You’ll be surprised how quickly information travels, and changes in events or systems can occur in a split-second. Your employees actually need the correct information to stay safe, calculate their next move, and keep the business operating effectively no matter what. Bulk SMS messaging enables you to communicate these issues with ease.

Bulk SMS ensures instant delivery, meaning your employees will get a text message in a matter of seconds. Your business can spend plenty of money on security systems to protect employees from emergencies, but SMS is undeniably the most reliable form of communication in these moments.

Whether you’re wanting to notify your team of any lurking danger, send information about security risks or scams or update staff on management’s whereabouts, employees (or even customers for that matter) usually have their phones on-hand, so they’re likely to receive the message in the right moment.

Benefits of bulk SMS messaging in the workplace

Having an internal communications strategy that benefits your workforce is the first step to success. Businesses always rely on email as their primary source of communication but most employees aren’t phased by the growing red number above their mailbox. And, in moments of urgency, the chances of your employees checking their mail on time… or at all… is highly unlikely.

Bulk SMS is an affordable, effective, and reliable option for internal and external communications when you’re looking to engage. Here are a few benefits of using bulk SMS messaging to communicate with your employees:

Recruitment: Most companies choose to hire internally before sourcing external candidates for a particular position. Sending an SMS message about a new position to your staff is one of the most effective ways of recruiting from within your business. Employees can easily respond or apply directly thereafter.

Boost morale: One of the most common reasons why employees feel demotivated is because they feel disconnected from the bigger picture. If you want to engage your staff on a personal level, start sending out bulk SMS messages to each department, notifying them of a recent client win or accomplishment. When your employees feel recognized, they’ll automatically be more motivated to get the job done.

Compliance and training: Human resource departments and management can use bulk messaging to inform employees about policy updates or training schedules. By reminding employees via text message about a particular course or workshop, it’ll encourage them to attend. While emails often get lost in a digital maze, text messages are delivered instantly and cannot be ignored.

Scheduling and project management: Project management and scheduling is a complete headache when you have various teams working on the same project. Bulk SMS messaging changes this in an instant, cutting costs while ensuring that effective communication can take place amongst the designated team members involved in the project.

Emergency alerts: As mentioned, bulk SMS messaging is ideal when it comes to reaching employees in moments of urgency. When something threatening or alarming is happening around you, SMS is the fastest way to reach your entire workforce in seconds. Having access to such a flexible communication platform like this will look after the wellbeing of your employees and help them feel safe and secure in the workplace.

In a nutshell...  

As you can see, bulk SMS messaging can play a massive role in the overall success of a company. Whether you choose to communicate with your employees or customers via SMS, this is a great step for improving your business’s communications strategy and building stronger relationships. Read on to learn more about how our bulk SMS gateway can improve employee performance. If you’re interested in getting SMS to work for your business, test drive Clickatell Platform. With free testing in our sandbox environment and very competitive pricing, we’re pretty sure you’ll have bulk SMS messaging improving your business in no time.

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