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5 potent ways to use mobile SMS for security

Mobile SMS security

Mobile SMS security is on the rise, with small businesses and enterprise-level companies realizing the potential of short message service authentication and group safety with this fast, reliable medium. As an app developer with an audience to think about, how are you going to use SMS to secure your user's private information?

For many years mobile SMS has helped protect and secure the data that is exchanged between app users and app developers. Are you optimizing your SMS security?

Moving from desktop to mobile security

There are very unique changes that happen within the security niche each year, and nowhere has this been more apparent than in the mobile space. SMS has evolved to become so much more than a 'bulk messaging' tool. It's also an advanced, real-time notification tool, a community-alert system, and a way for you to assist your user-base.

Let's take a closer look at 5 potent ways you can use SMS for security:

#1 App user notification for security problems with your app. If your app is hacked and bugs out or experiences user-wide technical problems (it won't log in, or it bounces the user back to the home screen), and people's private information starts appearing online - you're in trouble. Your best course of action is to send out a mobile SMS that alerts everyone to the new security threat and controls the mass-deletion of your app.

How does it work? Phones get hacked all the time, and so do individual apps. For no real reason, the security of a globally used application can become compromised because of these hackers. SMS is an excellent way to control plummeting user numbers when this happens!

#2: Mobile SMS can be used for two-factor authentication. When you log in to an important site, app or program online - the only way you can get in is if you access a special one-time pin (OTP)  that the site sends to your phone, and this code can expire shortly after use.

How does it work? Two-factor authentication is set up so only the intended user can access their profiles. On logging in, they will receive a one-time pin (OTP) on their mobile phone, which they will use to gain entry to the site, and their information.

#3: Secure in-app currency delivery is growing in popularity. For a multi-layered mobile SMS experience, that guarantees your users' currency delivery instantly after payment, on a secure network - mobile SMS is the answer.

How does it work? Your app user purchases some cheat codes for your app. The codes are delivered via mobile SMS within seconds of payment. That's a good service!

#4: Even more security is available for mobile SMS users that have an 'exclusive area' marketing plan. Once your app user reaches a certain level in-game, or in-app, they unlock a special SMS that is sent to them with a previously hidden URL address, where they can interact with other 'elite' members.

How does it work? The mobile SMS works in conjunction with your app to only allow certain people into your secure online forum/blog or membership site. SMS is ideal in this situation because it allows your member's instant contact - with a guaranteed 98% open rate. In comparison, email trails behind with a 20% open rate.

#5: Use mobile SMS to pay for in-app items directly. Get your users to pay via premium SMS, so that money is deducted off their pre-paid airtime, or added to their phone bill at the end of the month. For cheap in-app purchases it's highly secure because no details need to be entered or shared.

How does it work? The system works through code redemption or by accessing your app or website. A mobile SMS is sent to your user, who then sends a code back to you, allowing them to pay for app extras without ever having to add in their payment details.

These great mobile SMS security tips will help you keep your apps secure, earning, and growing over the coming months. As you can see, SMS can not only support your security, it helps with damage control and improves your sales potential as well.


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