How the Clickatell bulk SMS gateway can improve employee performance

Benefits of bulk SMS in the workplace

The Clickatell bulk SMS gateway is fast becoming the preferred SMS service option for large companies that want to utilize the power of SMS to streamline in-house processes. For many years managers in key positions in these companies have struggled to maintain control over teams, deadlines, and other essential project functions.

The good news is that the Clickatell bulk SMS gateway can improve the performance of employees in all environments, at small, medium and enterprise level.

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Stock control with in-house SMS

In the highly competitive manufacturing world, income drives productivity - but this focus often causes timely processes to fall by the wayside. In particular, processes on the ground like stock readiness and control operations are pushed aside to make time for more orders, so that more income can be made.

The solution?

The Clickatell bulk SMS gateway gives your team to-the-second SMS alerts that rapidly improve manufacturing operations in a very busy environment. As a result, your priorities are refocused back on the customer, who receives excellent, timely service. How Banta Furniture does it:

  • They send SMS alerts to let key employees know when furniture is ready

  • An SMS is used to inform their customers of the progress of their order

  • Delivery times have been drastically improved

  • SMS has worked so well, their employees will soon be able to check on their salary statements and transactions dates via SMS, adding value in-house and out!

The Clickatell bulk SMS gateway can significantly improve project management and operations for your company. Managers will enjoy the greater control and companies will experience the workflow, productivity and technical improvements that drive ROI.

Team building with SMS value-added services

With team building scenarios there are always management schedule issues, project deadlines and sales targets to meet, which can diminish the entire team dynamic. Depending on your niche, team dynamics could be a crucial part of your job. SMS can add valuable services to your teams when they are out in the field, to keep them at their best.

The solution?

The Clickatell bulk SMS gateway provides services that allow your team to be connected on a reliable two-way messaging network, for constant communication with the right people while they are out making things happen for your business.

How AllOne Health does it:

  • Self-care is an essential part of being a soldier in the US military

  • With SMS two-way communication soldiers have direct contact with healthcare professionals for their every health concern or incident

  • This reduces healthcare and insurance costs

  • Personalized and monitored daily care makes ensures that soldiers are ready for action wherever they are stationed, at all times

Used properly the Clickatell bulk SMS gateway solutions can operate as a team-building network that runs concurrently with the average work-day, bringing teams together and providing key employees with value-added services that help them do their job.

Bulk SMS alerts for improved employee safety

Another increasing concern for organizations is the safety and security of all employees that work for their company, whether there are ten or ten thousand of them. The Clickatell bulk SMS gateway offers your business the opportunity to set up a safety alert system to reliably inform, connect and control your employees and customers in times of crisis.

How TextaParent does it:

  • The Irish Primary Principal's Network supports 3,300 schools

  • With 450,000 kids and thousands more staff, safety is a major concern

  • A text alert and messaging service improves processes and security

  • Reminders, updates, alerts and emergency notifications keep the parents connected, informed and help the staff at the schools keep them safe.

For many companies, the Clickatell bulk SMS gateway has done a lot to effectively curtail lost resources and enhance others, while simultaneously managing the steady workload of high-performance employees. If your company is finding it difficult to maintain control from within, then you should consider an SMS service as a long-lasting solution.

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