Engage and transact with 85% of the world’s population in real-time

You can choose to wait hours, days or even weeks for email responses, or you can tap into the power of Clickatell’s SMS Platform to open a personalized communication channel with 6 billion customers. That’s 6 billion reasons to make SMS your marketing and communications tool of choice.Be our guest and try our premium SMS Platform in the sandbox.

A world of possibility and connectivity awaits


communication device today:
Mobile phones – the
command centre of our lives.


of the world’s population
over the age of 6 will have
a mobile phone by 2020.


reaches customers even when
steady, reliable internet access
is not available to them.


Reach customers whenever and however you choose to connect

Mobile always consumers:

  1. check their devices dozens of times a day – from waking to bedtime
  2. have an SMS open rate of above 98%
  3. read 90% of text messages within 3 minutes (vs. hours or days for email)

How do you reach them?

SMS offers personalized, real-time engagement. Enable any app, desktop or web platform with Clickatell today. Our cutting-edge technology can easily be integrated with CRM systems and even built into websites.

Increase conversions and customer satisfaction

Start a real-time conversation today with Clickatell SMS Platform


Send unique, individualized messages to targeted customers.

Offer the most relevant products and promotions based on customer behaviour.

Massive global reach

Engage instantly across 1000+ carriers in 224 countries and territories.

Connect with customers wherever they are and when they are ready.

Two-way channel

Conduct direct conversations with your customer.

Boost engagement with notifications, personalized short codes and long-number capabilities..


Unleash the power of our SMS Platform

Feature focus

  • Two-Way messaging with short codes and long numbers

  • Single account interface for multiple business users

  • Cloud-hosted, user-friendly web-based interface

  • Global message sending via SMS API

  • Scalable and customizable SMS Gateway to suit your needs

  • Easy integration into existing systems

  • Easy transition from other messaging systems

  • Comprehensive real-time reporting

  • Capable of delivering thousands of messages per second

  • Unlimited testing and assistance

  • Role-based access control

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Choosing the best tool for the message

Email SMS
Reach 40% of the world (Source: Everlytic Marketing Benchmarks Report 2017) At least 85% of the world
Open Rates Up to 32% open rate (Source: LiveInternet Stats.com) 98% open rate within minutes
Message Length Lengthier, richer content: multiple links, graphics, and video Up to 160 characters per message part (Read more about concatenated SMS here)
Engagement Great for less urgent, complex, or reference material Higher click-through rate for urgent actionable content, enhanced by Two-way messaging
Reporting and Analytics In-depth reporting capabilities with tools like Google Analytics Messaging activities and spend reports are available
Costs Costs for writing, design, and formatting for compatibility across email clients Straightforward creation requires no design or formatting costs

Put our innovative pricing tool to the test

Clickatell SMS Platform opens an affordable line of communication to your customers, virtually anywhere in the world, enabling you to increase your global reach. Try our interactive pricing tool to find a solution that fits your budget and ticks all the right boxes for your business.

Estimate your costs now.

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World-class messaging that’s innovative and affordable

Cost effective

The technology of SMS opens a budget-conscious channel between your business and mobile users all across the world, and enables you to cut costs and scale faster.

Freedom & Control

Clickatell’s SMS Platform gives you the freedom and control to build your conversation platform your way, without downloading a single app. SMS-enable any application, website or system with our easy one-step integration process.

To find a solution for any business stage or strategy, use our interactive pricing tool for a customized quote.

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In a multi-channel world, One API simplifies

Access multiple messaging channels with a once-off, unified integration

Messaging has become more convenient than ever for consumers, who are now able to reach businesses on the channel of their choice. Our One API solution makes it just as convenient for your brand to provide the multi-channel availability that customers expect.


  • Enable multiple communication channel access without individual integration effort per channel

  • Reduce cost of development with a single API implementation

  • Configure and enable encryption for secure messaging needs

  • Support high deliverability of messages using rules based channel failover between WhatsApp and SMS

  • Test and utilize new messaging channels as they become available on the Connect platform


Developer resources

Get quick and easy access to a range of developer documents, and get started in no time.

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