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RCS business messaging and bulk SMS are the ideal combination for success

Bulk RCS business messaging

Bulk SMS has always been one of the most powerful marketing tools. But, with smartphone usage growing and the demand for real-time convenience, customers have started to favor in-app messaging or chatbot services over standard SMS. They want an easy, two-way texting platform, which has encouraged businesses to look at incorporating RCS business messaging. This will ensure that they’re able to connect with every customer group, regardless of their device. RCS messaging is a highly beneficial extension of standard SMS that businesses can use to improve their communications strategy.

If companies combined their traditional text or multimedia approach with Google’s Rich Communication Services (RCS) business messaging platform, they’d be able to reach customers on their preferred device, and in the appropriate message format to suit their customers’ needs.

RCS promises to improve standard SMS. It’s a simple, easy-to-use protocol that was developed to improve the ways in which individuals and businesses communicate with each other. It also combines the likes of the newest and most innovative artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbot services.

This platform is even more convenient than communicating via applications because customers will no longer need to download a variety of apps to be able to communicate with businesses. You can now engage with a virtual assistant or chatbot as per normal, but from one integrated messaging system. Much the same as what Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp already offer, RCS will also allow you to type text messages and send or receive images of a much higher quality, along with other interactive benefits.

Why should you be interested in RCS business messaging?

When it comes to marketing and customer care, RCS business messaging adds to the existing benefits of bulk SMS. The beauty of this platform is that it works for every mobile device. There are certainly more benefits for a smartphone user over a standard feature phone user, but it was designed to make interacting more personalized and advanced for businesses and customers. Take AI platforms which already offer customers suggested responses to frequently asked questions. For example, customers will now be able to ask questions and reply with ease from one messaging platform. Here are a few benefits that RCS messaging can offer your business:

Improved customer engagement

Because RCS offers a variety of features, from rich multimedia communication options to improved security, reliability and more, businesses can leverage this platform as an extension of their current SMS marketing strategy to better communicate with their customers according to their channel preferences.

Businesses will be able to create better customer journeys, meaning that customers will never have to leave their messaging app to communicate with their preferred brand. Companies will also now be able to transfer the information accumulated directly to any customer relationship management (CRM) system, call center or application’s backend.

Effective customer services

As mentioned before, RCS business messaging will act as an extension of standard SMS because customers will still need an internet connection to receive in-depth information in a different format. If your customer is using a smartphone, they’ll be able to experience a more interactive customer experience with a brand.

Businesses will be able to integrate their chatbot with this messaging service to assist with customer queries. From customer calls to website bookings and more, customers will be able to ask their questions in-app and receive responses immediately. In essence, everyday FAQs can easily be solved with your chatbot, allowing agents to spend more time with clients who require assistance on complex issues.

Personalized communication

Mass communication has always been the most effective form of communication when speaking to a large group of people. However, marketing is constantly changing to meet customer needs. Communication has moved into a personalized space where customers expect brands to customize their content to suit them. As it stands, SMS is one of the most powerful marketing mediums, so with the ability to take things one step further, you’ll be able to improve your consumer’s experience with your brand.

Instant gratification for customers

Over time, customers have become more frustrated by everyday business interactions. So much so that they would rather do something themselves to ensure a faster outcome.

Chatbots can help your customers do that until, of course, they need to speak to a human who can assist them further. The more intelligent technology becomes, the easier it’ll be for customers to be satisfied.

RCS will allow your customers to do this, and access other information at the touch of a button.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for your business

Technology has made it possible for businesses to innovate current systems and made it easier to attend to customers on an individual basis.

With the introduction of RCS business messaging, this innovative approach to standard bulk SMS technology is going to offer customers a more engaging and interactive experience for the better. While it might work better for smartphone users, customers who do not have access to the internet will also be able to take advantage of the convenience of two-way communication.

The gap between the consumer and the business is slowly becoming smaller as every new-age communication system is specifically designed to make life easier for customers. If your business makes use of RCS business messaging as an extension of their current SMS strategy, you’ll be able to offer your customers a reliable, high-quality message service that is interactive and exciting. The adoption of these applications might take a while for customers, but they certainly hold plenty of power in helping your business build stronger relationships with your customer and improve the consumer experience. For more on bulk SMS, see how Clickatell can help you reach customers however you choose to connect or let us know if you're interested in trying out our RCS business messaging service.

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