Strengthen customer relationships in multiple channels.

Engage your customers in chat and SMS.

Give today’s mobile first customers the delightful, intuitive support they expect and prefer in their favorite chat apps or SMS.  Clickatell’s Interact platform enables you to seamlessly incorporate multi-channel conversations into your contact centers, enabling agents and chat bots to instantaneously respond to mobile inquiries—all from within existing web-based consoles.

Chat Flow

Create a rich self-service experience for your business—one that can be written once and deployed across multiple mobile channels, such as WhatsApp, SMS, and USSD.

Chat Flow enables your company to:

  • More rapidly build customer self-service workflows that support a broad range of customer support, engagement, and transactional use cases.

  • Develop powerful mobile workflows rapidly for mobile channels—no development experience needed.

  • Quickly optimize and streamline workflows to provide better customer experiences.

  • Deliver a wide range of business responses—from general queries and frequently asked questions to account information lookups and convenience/utility workflows.

  • Minimize costs and maximize return on customer-facing, self-service activities.

Chat Desk

Allow customer care agents to communicate with customers across multiple channels, including chat apps such as WhatsApp, and Web Chat.

Chat Desk enables your customer care agents to:

  • Chat with customers over websites and popular messaging apps like WhatsApp.

  • Proactively reach out and communicate with customers to easily provide support and informational updates.

  • Switch seamlessly between different conversational channels, including web chats, chat apps, phone calls, emails, and social media.

Build low-code business workflows with Clickatell Interact:

Simplify how you create customer interactions for transactions and support queries.

Streamline and reduce customer support costs.

Leverage our multichannel capabilities to service your customers.

Get to market faster with our communication and customer engagement channel technology.

See how to improve the customer experience—and streamline support costs.