Conversational Commerce

Conversational Messaging: Empowering Businesses and Customers Any and Everywhere

“The world after COVID-19 is unlikely to return to the world that was. Many trends already underway in the global economy are being accelerated by the impact of the pandemic. This is especially true of the digital economy, with the rise of digital behavior such as remote working and learning, telemedicine, and delivery services.” – International Monetary Fund

The forced isolation and subsequent rise of remote connectivity shattered the once glass ceiling of this digital revolution for many. Companies reluctant to venture into new territory were now forced to do so, and what it revealed was that these new platforms not only improved current operations, they opened up the possibility for even more global potential. Mobile phones and conversational messaging platforms mean that businesses can communicate with customers in real time. This is enhanced by the fact that customers can enjoy the support they need, anytime and anywhere.

What is conversational messaging?

This is where businesses can connect with customers over messaging platforms in real time. This is a two-way messaging option that allows businesses and customers to engage in a conversational manner using their preferred messaging platforms. 

Benefits of conversational messaging

As digital platforms open international borders for business operations, many are turning to conversational messaging – or chat commerce as it’s known - to gain new customers, retain old customers and enhance the customer journey overall. Here are some of the other benefits of this chat platform. 

1. It helps businesses scale up

With conversational messaging, you’re able to connect with customers anywhere in the world, which means your operation is about to grow. With this form of communication, you’re able to engage with thousands of customer queries from across the globe without dropping the ball.

2. You’re available 24/7

With an international client base, you’re engaging with people at all times of day and night, throughout the week. There’s no way your live agents can clock in these hours without burning out, but an automated chatbot which is available through conversational commerce can. This way, you’re operating even out of operating hours.

3. There’s no language barrier

The power of modern technology means that you don’t have to worry about any language barriers because conversational messaging enables translations. This way, your customers from around the world can reach out to you in whatever language they’re comfortable with and you can respond in kind.

4. Staff planning is easier

Seasonality and emerging trends used to impact the number of customer queries coming in at any time, impacting staff scheduling. With conversational messaging, this is no longer the case as the process can be automated. This also helps with seasonality differences across the globe – where one trend might be emerging, yet another one is falling away.

5. Allows for rich multimedia

Images and videos can cut across all cultures and locations, making you much more accessible to a global audience. Fortunately, conversational messaging supports a variety of media options, from images and videos to audio and documents that assist with day-to-day operations.

6. It enables data-driven marketing

When using conversational messaging, you’re able to gain insight into your clients’ valuable data such as their history, previous purchases, and interests. This can then be used to tailor your marketing strategy going forward, ensuring better customer engagement and a more user-friendly brand experience.

Tips for conversational messaging

The global reach of conversational commerce makes it advantageous for any ambitious company, but you need to implement them correctly. Here are a few ways to include this into your strategy going forward. 

  • Avoid response delays: The modern customer wants answers now, not tomorrow when they’ve already found a competing company to assist them with their needs. Anyone forced to wait more than 20 minutes for a response will go searching elsewhere. That’s why you need to ensure your conversational messaging strategy includes immediate response through a chatbot and referral to a live agent where necessary. 

  • Make sure you get consent: When working with conversational messaging, you have access to personal customer information, which is why you need to get their consent before engaging. This means they must opt-in first but are also allowed to opt out when they want. 

  • Avoid contact forms: If you have an existing system whereby your customers fill in contact forms, you can now use conversational messaging for this engagement. If they have a problem that needs solving, this can be done almost immediately via chat. 

  • Scheduling: You can use conversational messaging to schedule calls or meetings to streamline operations. 

  • Incorporate call-to-actions: When engaging with customers via conversational messaging, make it worth everyone’s time by including a clear call-to-action. This could be securing a sale or even encouraging them to provide feedback on products and services. 

  •  Keep connected: Ending the conversation after the first engagement doesn’t mean it has to all end there. Make sure to check in with your customers to ensure they’re happy with the product or service, or to check that it has been delivered.

Tips for working with global clients

Chat commerce is ideal for connecting you to an international audience, but you must remember a few key items when engaging throughout several countries. 

  • Cultural sensitivity: Ensure that your brand is sensitive to a diverse number of cultures and local values. This is vital for any global brand and shows your focus on inclusivity.

  • Brand consistency: Remain true to your brand’s core value, ethos and messaging throughout your global interactions. This way, you remain instantly recognisable to any audience anywhere.

  • ·Localise interactions: While remaining consistent, showing an interest in your customer’s area of origin shows a more personalized approach. 

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