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Clickatell Touch for customer support

To establish a truly integrated customer experience across multiple channels, businesses need to be organized. And they need to make sure that each of their channels is offering a distinct and unique value. Businesses need access to phones, email, mobile systems and web-based systems like chat functionality. We’ve taken a giant leap forward in building web-based chat capabilities to improve the customer service industry with Clickatell Touch. This system provides several new benefits in business to consumer (B2C) and consumer to business (C2B) communications.

Not only does Clickatell Touch provide a chat function, closing the gap in customer service omnichannel, but it caters for bot-driven systems that can automatically respond to certain customer inquiries without the need for human involvement. In addition, it uses a combination of machine learning and workflow automation to address several key challenges at once.

With this flexible, powerful platform at work, call center operations can be greatly streamlined to produce slicker, more responsive, and faster results. The machine learning aspect of the system allows for the AI to progressively learn to respond to certain queries based on previous interactions. This is what smart customer service looks like. When the chatbot can no longer handle a situation, the issue is escalated to a human agent who is better equipped to respond more organically.

Customer service done right

This bridging in the customer service link helps ensure that even the largest number of calls are handled, removes the need for consumers to sit on the phone wasting their time, and frees up skilled agents’ time by removing the need for them to answer trivial questions about store hours or accounts. The artificially intelligent bots don’t just stop working in this instance. They continue to run in the background, learning and even suggesting potential solutions to the human agent.

There’s another major benefit to Clickatell Touch. It’s able to integrate seamlessly with any current customer service and support infrastructure. There’s no extra expense or inconvenience at having to ‘rip and replace’ systems that already exist. Since it works alongside current infrastructure, including customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, it’s not only more efficient but yields more in the long run. Early reports suggest that Touch has brought call center costs down by as much as sixty percent over the initial period of its operation alone.

This improvement of call centers has been a business priority in operations for a while as business owners discover the value in providing better communication channels between themselves and their customers. And customers respond well to developments like these, bringing further business and positive business sentiment, even word-of-mouth promotion, in the process. It’s a logical progression that when customers are happy, they tell others about their satisfaction – even recommending brands as a result. If they’re happy, they’re also not unhappy. Which means less bad publicity and negative feedback.

So, keeping customers happy really means the business reaps positive gains and diffuses negative ones, resulting in a positive net sentiment overall. And Clickatell Touch goes a long way toward making sure that these positive gains become a reality.

So how are businesses leveraging our new product? Well, every business has customers and needs to care for these customers in order to produce value interactions. Clickatell Touch helps businesses across every industry adapt, transform and streamline the way they interact with their customers in an increasingly digital, mobile always business environment. The common benefits of the system include:

Solution-driven support: It’s not about just responding timeously to customer communications; it’s about solving these queries. Touch technology is designed to help businesses solve customer problems through instant, integrated and personalized automated interactions. As mentioned already, Clickatell Touch also empowers the customer by allowing them to solve everyday issues on their own, such as billing, invoicing and gaining access to basic business operational procedures. All this is done via the Touch app on their smartphones – right in the palm of their hands – which is super important in today’s mobile always society.

Conversational commerce: When questions get answered, the customer is far more likely to go ahead with a transaction. Happy customers are transactional customers. Touch helps customers find the solutions they’re looking for and complete transactions all on their own.

Creates a space for contextual cross-selling: The best businesses know their customer base inside out. Touch integrates with current business solutions to help businesses better understand their customers and extend the relationship. The system uses Touch Cards to achieve this –  customizable mini-apps that bring everyday transactions like appointments, cost estimates, purchases, invoicing and more into the chat stream in the form of simple, self-service interactions. And knowing the customer means that businesses are better able to communicate and up-sell on relevant products.

Clickatell Touch is personalized, immediate and intuitive, establishing it as a game changer in today’s customer service landscape. To learn more about the product read our blog post on how Clickatell Touch can help give businesses a competitive edge.

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