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Clickatell Touch bridges the customer service gap

Introducing Clickatell Touch

For the best part of 15 years, we've enabled communications between our customers and their markets via mobile devices. This experience has given us insights that have helped us remain at the forefront of communications technology with market-related products. No product is more relevant or innovative than Clickatell Touch: an always-on, interactive and automated client service delivery system.

The market sands are shifting

Communications behavior is changing. Interactions are shorter, immediate and ever present. Phones are no longer at people's’ ears but in the palms of their hands. And customers are used to getting what they want immediately, at the touch of a button. They’re digitally enabled through their fingertips.

This is having a domino effect on companies and how they interact with their markets. Companies must keep up with the digitalization of the business process or risk losing momentum and market share. Call centers are on their way to becoming all but defunct. It’s into this environment that we have launched Touch, saying goodbye to call centers as we welcome customer happiness.

How we’re adapting

Recognizing this behavior shift, we’ve taken giant steps towards bringing our clients more integrated, chat-based and always on communication solutions, ultimately transforming customer care.

Clickatell Touch replaces outdated support methods with real-time communication and intelligent workflow automation. The new platform delivers a complete, end-to-end customer experience, seamlessly connecting businesses with their markets through artificially intelligent channels. And seamless means instant. Customers aren’t wasting their time on hold, listening to fake messages. They’re connected immediately, as and when they need to be. This is the power of Touch.

The system operates in the cloud and works across a myriad of software infrastructures and CRM, ERP and support solutions, including Salesforce, Zendesk, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.

Through the continued development of products like Touch, we can further facilitate the digitization of customer services and open new channels for its enterprises to speak with their customers. It’s effectively changing the customer service game, by bridging the digital gap between its enterprises and clients.

Operational features

What Clickatell Touch brings is personalized, immediate and intuitive – an absolute game changer in the customer service industry. Its essential elements include:

  • Touch chat platform: One of the biggest weaknesses of traditional call center client service is that an agent can only perform so many tasks at once. The Touch chat platform enables agents to deal with multiple conversations and customer issues simultaneously. Now customers can talk directly to your business through convenient messaging windows. The chat application provides a complete picture of customer engagement, chat forwarding, multi-agent to customer chat, bot chat assistance and more. And all this helps streamline customer service, keeping customers happy and in touch.

  • Touch cards: Perhaps the neatest addition is our Touch card technology. These Touch cards are customizable mini-applications that pull everyday transactions like appointments, cost estimates, purchases or invoices into the chat stream, simplifying processes and allowing for self-service interactions. The inclusion is extremely convenient and easy-to-use and facilitates the automation of workflow processes. Touch cards also provide opportunities to cross-sell and upsell during support or troubleshooting interactions.

  • Touch Business rules engine: This system intelligently integrates your existing processes and cloud-based CRM, ERP, support and business applications to leverage customer data allowing you to deliver personalized customer service.

The system’s impact

Since launching trials and testing of the product, we have seen a 60 percent reduction in call center costs. One of the most significant reasons for this decline is because Clickatell Touch empowers customer service agents. Touch is able to handle a massive load of simultaneous customer-query traffic and only hand over to a human agent if absolutely necessary.

The benefits of Clickatell Touch to your business

Clickatell Touch will bring a host of benefits to businesses. This includes:

  • An entirely new instant and fully-automated customer service channel

  • Seamless integration with existing business infrastructure and applications

  • Full customization which offers major flexibility

  • Enormously reduced call center costs

  • Zero opportunity to miss a customer service interaction

  • In-depth insights provided by real-time analytics

  • Faster completion of transactions through automated processes

  • Always on 24-hour tech support and assistance for the business

The time to open contemporary lines of automated communication between a brand and its customers is now. You can no longer afford to be slow moving in the customer service department. Clickatell Touch is an affordable way to get closer to your customers and provide them with the information they want when they want it. Invest in customer satisfaction with Clickatell Touch today and watch success unfold.

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