31 March 2009

Zendesk and Clickatell “answer the call” to assist IT help desk and customer support staff via SMS Service Alerts™

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As text messaging continues to expand beyond peer-to-peer and into to tens of thousands of business, community and government applications--from social networking, banking, travel and transportation, education, call centers, and more--Clickatell and Zendesk announced their work to mobilize IT help desks and customer support centers around the world. Instead of physically racing back to the cubicle to check the status queue or culling endless voicemails to sort requests and changes, IT and customer support staff can depend on anytime, anywhere Clickatell SMS Service Alerts™ to instantly notify and update IT help desk professionals with customer support status for technical problems, provide real-time service delivery schedule information and coordination and instill greater productivity throughout organizations.

Available for Apple's iPhone and Google's Android and countless other mobile devices, Zendesk lists notable customers such as Twitter, MSNBC, The Rackspace Cloud, Definiens, and more than 1,000 other small, medium and large enterprises. Zendesk notifies help desk agents with new ticket assignments and outstanding requests delivered to their mobile phone via SMS, which is immediate, reliable and cost-effective even when voice calls and emails may not be. IT help desk professionals need instant information to tend to mission critical support issues and to prevent them from wasting time and energy tracking down technical difficulties that have already been fixed. SMS Service Alerts offer freedom and independence to IT help desk and customer service professionals to operate more like the mobile emergency experts they really are.

"Despite being run ragged everyday with inadequate service tracking and scheduling tools, IT and customer support workers everywhere are the real un-sung heroes of the enterprise," says Pieter de Villiers, Clickatell's CEO. "They are responsible for solving the problems that if gone unchecked halt productivity and impact employees and customers which ultimately affects the bottom line. Given today's economic situation, Clickatell SMS Service Alerts are just the answer that these hardworking professionals are looking for to maximize their already vital role within the enterprise. SMS is the most immediate, reliable and broadly available communication means ever invented because there is no need to download anything, no requirement to access software - just simply read the text message when it arrives on the phone."

Definiens customers benefit from SMS customer service

As the number one Enterprise Image Intelligence® company, Definiens chose Zendesk Mobile Help Desk and Clickatell SMS to deliver state-of-the-art customer service and support. Definiens provides image analysis software that is at heart of critical business processes in drug discovery, medical imaging and remote sensing. The company wanted to globally provide user friendly and real-time customer support and chose to implement mobile customer service using Zendesk and Clickatell.

Definiens' software analyzes and interprets digital images on every scale, from microscopic cell structures to satellite pictures. Using the unique Definiens Cognition Network Technology® it emulates the powerful human cognitive processes to automatically extract intelligence from images.

"Our customers and support staff are located across the globe. It is imperative that our distributed teams are kept a breast of the latest information about new and active support incidents, wherever they happen to be and at anytime. Using the combination of Zendesk and mobile notifications enables us to offer our customers the highest levels of service," explains Dr. Wolfgang Rencken, Definiens COO. "With Zendesk and Clickatell, mobile help desk implementation was easy, operation is simple and the results are impeccable. We have implemented a truly mobile, global help desk to serve our customers - anytime and anywhere."

"Our software is even more valuable when customers can implement mobility to their IT Service operations so they can count on it no matter the time or location," comments Mikkel Svane, Zendesk CEO. "Able to be implemented in less than a day, Clickatell is the only mobile messaging provider who offers an easy to deploy and use Software-as-a-Service messaging service and they are truly global."

About Clickatell

Todays’ consumers spend more time on chat like text, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp than apps, and they expect a high degree of convenience in the way brands serve them. Clickatell makes it possible for brands and consumers to engage and transact via mobile chat and digital channels with industry-leading communications commerce platforms and solutions. With offices in San Francisco, Toronto, Cape Town, and Lagos, Clickatell serves more than 15,000 global brands, ranging from Fortune 500 organizations to well-known consumer brands and small businesses in over 220 countries worldwide.

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