30 March 2017

NEW: Two-Way Long Numbers Now Available in Ireland

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As recently as 2015, Ireland was named the western world’s largest consumer of mobile phone internet. Only Africa and parts of Asia had higher levels of use and penetration. So what does the country’s 3.4 million devices (out of 4.5 million people) mean for mobile marketers? Well, it means that there’s a billboard in the hands of most of your market. And it’s a billboard that, if leveraged correctly, can help your business exponentially. Especially with local Irish two-way long numbers in your arsenal.

What is two-way messaging?

Two-way messaging is exactly what is says in that it facilitates a ‘ping-pong’ conversation between your business and its customers. It puts the power firmly in the hands of your Irish customers as they’re now able to respond directly to your text messages. Imagine you’re a business that sells football jerseys and you’re able to send your customers promotional material that they’re able to respond to come match day. The possibilities for lead generation are endless.

And all of this without interfering with your customers' usual behavior. People are constantly in conversations with each other over text, so why shouldn’t be able to respond to their favorite brands and businesses in this way as well? That’s the power of two-way messaging. A quick message to let a friend know they’re going to be late can now go hand-in-hand with a reply to let you know that they’ll take a footie top in 2 different sizes.

So how does it work?

Your two-way long number is about the same length as a standard Irish phone number and enables your customers to reply directly to any text messages your business might send them. Two-way messaging is tailor-made for the business-client relationship and allows your business to send personalized communication to your customers who want to receive it and enables them to reply to your messages.

Here are just a few ways you can use Irish two-way long numbers to grow your business:

Appointment reminders: Time is money and when a customer forgets an appointment or fails to cancel, substantial losses are suffered. Automated reminders using a two-way long number allows your customers to conveniently confirm, cancel, or reschedule their upcoming appointments.

Competitions: Build up your customer database and identify new leads by inviting customers (and potential customers) to enter a competition by replying to your promotional messages with their name and phone number.

Get valuable customer feedback with SMS surveys: Measuring your customer satisfaction levels and gaining valuable feedback has never been easier – surveys are a simple way for your customers to rate your products or services.

CRM: Integrating two-way messaging with your existing CRM program is a breeze and automating workflows using SMS saves significant costs while improving the overall customer experience.

Allow customers to opt-out or request more information: Customers who don’t want to receive specific marketing messages can reply via your two-way service to opt-out or, alternatively, respond requesting more information without having to make a phone call.
If you’re interested in learning more about Clickatell’s two-way long numbers in Ireland, our interactive pricing estimator will give you a better idea of just how cost effective it is, and help you find the solutions that’ll best suit your budget and business processes.

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