Cape Town, South Africa - Satcom is the leading satellite communications systems provider in the United Republic of Tanzania. Satcom uses Clickatell's SMS gateway as part of the first electronic funds transfer switch in the country. The switch accepts and authorizes electronic transactions from various banks and financial organizations. When it launched, banks needed to be informed of any event on their ATMs, such as low money levels, paper shortages, power failure or even attempted fraud. As part of the system SMS messages immediately alert banks of any problems with their automatic teller machines. Using Clickatell's SMTP API connection (email to SMS) Satcom was able to integrate the SMS alerts that informed the banks of any impending or existing problems. Customer satisfaction has been greatly increased. Thanks to the SMS alerts, banks are aware of problems and can resolve them before they affect customers.

The alert service has been so successful that Satcom is now looking at introducing the SMS alerts for monitoring various other devices on its network. Satcom said: "We tried SMS alerts with other local operators but it did not work. Cheers to Clickatell for enabling us to overcome the SMS alerts challenge!" The annual Clickatell case study competition is open to any Clickatell customer. It allows them to showcase how they have adopted and successfully implemented SMS messaging into their products and services. This year's winner will receive 10,000 Clickatell credits as a prize. The top ten case studies selected, from over 100 entries have their case studies listed on the Clickatell website and are listed alphabetically here:

  • Banta Furniture - a home furnishing manufacturer keeps its customers up-to-date on orders via SMS.
  • Ethnic Television Network - SMS is used to quickly and cost-effectively activate customers' three-day trial periods for the TV channel.
  • Euregio.Net Hacker Notification System - this Belgian ISP incorporated email notification by SMS for a blind volunteer organisation.
  • Gencentric - SMS alerts luxury game lodges informed of their visitor's flight times quickly and cost-effectively, allowing them to offer a superlative service.
  • - homeworkers subscribing to the company's marketplace for freelancers and specialists can now receive incoming inquiries even if they were away from their computers.
  • KnowledgeWhere - Clickatell provides a global messaging gateway for the company to offer to the developers designing location-based services on its platform.
  • NEST Energy Systems - Clickatell SMS alerts notify this solar energy equipment maker of any problems on their systems, anywhere in the world.
  • SatCom Networks Africa Ltd., (SCNA) - SMS alerts inform banks using SatCom's electronic funds switch about any problems on their ATMs before customers are affected.
  • SharedPerspective - integrated SMS messaging into its business communication software.
  • VG Auction - SMS alerts streamline its gaming auction process, saving money for VG's customers and promoting a competitive, vibrant auction community.

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