03 June 2009

Speech by President Barack Obama set to make mobile history

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Mobile history will be made once again by President Barack Obama, his White House Administration and the US Department of State in anticipation of the historic speech, to be given by President Obama from Cairo, Egypt on June 4, 2009. The US Department of State has selected Clickatell, global mobile messaging provider, to build and power the online enrollment process and support the global delivery of 'live' mobile speech highlights via SMS during President Obama's speech to millions of international citizens.

The innovative text messaging service will serve as a 'mobile town hall without borders,' giving enrolled participants the ability to send SMS response comments via their mobile phone back to the US Department of State regarding President Obama's speech. The US Department of State will post selected comments from global citizens online at www.america.gov/sms-comments.html following the speech.

International/Non-US Citizens interested in receiving President Obama's Cairo speech highlights via SMS are invited to enroll today online at http://www.america.gov/sms.html.

The US Department of State--with the help of Clickatell--set out to increase communications directly in the regions around the world where President Obama's call for a new relationship between the United States and the Muslim world will be addressed. In order to ensure broad and easy access to this historic communications event, a global mobile text messaging campaign is being offered outside the US--in multiple countries and languages--to ensure that people throughout the Middle East and other international regions can easily access President Obama's important messages. With over 4 billion mobile phones in use today around the world, SMS is an effective and ubiquitous method to reach the masses.

Four steps to make the most of this historic mobile event:

  1. International/Non-US Citizens can enroll today online at http://www.america.gov/sms.html

  2. Complete the online enrollment form to receive SMS speech highlights on mobile phone

  3. Receive President Obama's speech highlights during momentous event on June 4

  4. Comment during Obama's Speech via standard 2-way SMS reply

"SMS allows for mobile social media and information sharing to billions, and the Obama administration continually amazes me as they find ways to communicate to ordinary people with extraordinary messages," commented Pieter de Villiers, Clickatell CEO. "Just about everyone in the world carries a mobile phone, and the use of SMS to communicate important information--live as the world listens--is truly astounding. People can now be involved as the conversation happens. We are honored to be a part of this momentous occasion in sending millions of messages to interested citizens."

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