15 May 2006

SMS accessible with Clickatell’s SMS gateway

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Clickatell provides connectivity to its carrier-grade, high volume SMS gateway through multiple interfaces, including HTTP, FTP, XML, a Com Object and e-mail. It has now extended its interfaces to include SMPP, making it one of the most accessible SMS gateways in the world, according to Pieter de Villiers, MD of Clickatell.

"Clickatell has played a leading role in the global SMS arena," says De Villiers, "and offers real-time connectivity to over 470 mobile networks. This has assisted us in gaining clients from every corner of the globe, ranging from mobile networks to Fortune 500 companies, leading content providers and smaller application developers." The primary reason for this, says De Villiers, is Clickatell's strong focus on accessibility. "Gaining access to a Clickatell account and being able to send your first SMS takes only a few minutes. Thereafter, integration is seamless, allowing clients to send SMS messages to virtually any mobile network in the world via Clickatell's SMS gateway.

This is in keeping with Clickatell's role as an enabler of any system or user with a mobile messaging requirement." Together with carrier-grade delivery, Clickatell's platform also allows for real-time message reporting. Messages can be tracked by destination number, status, delivery date, and a host of other parameters.

Clickatell's servers automatically update each message status by posting this data back to the sender's servers. The platform further allows for complete user management, billing integration, SMS voucher management and extensive redundancy gateways. As an enabler, Clickatell plays a pivotal role in powering a large number of the globe's SMS applications, ranging from SMS plugins, MS Exchange Server SMS modules, Lotus Domino bulk database SMS add-ins and many other ASP- and desktop-based SMS solutions. A large number of international distributors and resellers also deploy SMS solutions powered by Clickatell under their own brand. "We are confident that our role in the value chain as a mobile messaging enabler and delivery aggregator is being entrenched more and more every day," concludes De Villiers. "SMS aggregation is becoming more specialised as the global playing field changes.

With the introduction of interconnect fees and MMS, information laws requiring accurate records and application service providers demanding more from mobile networks, this industry has seen a host of players disappear over the past few months." Clickatell is set to remain a market leader in the global SMS market for some time to come, as new markets emerge and cell phone penetration continues.

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