04 September 2006

Clickatell raises stakes for global mobile messaging reach

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Cape Town, South Africa - The company's messaging gateway now connects to 578 networks in 192 countries. Notably, Clickatell has expanded its reach to NTT DoCoMo and Vodafone in Japan, all GSM and CDMA networks in Canada, as well as networks in Afghanistan, East Timor, Nicaragua, Vatican City, Indonesia, Macau, the Bahamas and Canary Islands. Clickatell offers SS7 delivery to many of its destinations.

In addition to Clickatell's direct connections to all mobile operators in the UK, it also delivers text messages to both cell phones and landlines in the country. Text-enabled landline phones display the SMS on the landline handset screen, or the text is converted to a voice message for handsets without screens. "Clickatell delivers SMS text messages to more networks than any other provider. And, true to our motto of 'any message, anywhere' we are able to deliver SMS and multimodal messages to billions of people, customers and employees around the world," says Pieter de Villiers, Clickatell CEO. "The ease of communication that text messaging offers is evident and businesses continue to embrace it. Our SMS delivery volumes have doubled over the past year in North America alone, which is traditionally a market that displayed a slower adoption for SMS." Mobile messaging is enabling business communications around the world to more effectively reach customers, colleagues and partners than traditional methods.

Today Clickatell enables thousands of businesses to offer information and alerts to improve customer experience, fight fraud, increase efficiencies and offer real-time exchange information. "One in three people in the world has access to a mobile phone, so it is easy to understand why businesses, governments and communities are all starting to utilise mobile messaging to communicate time relevant information," says De Villiers. In addition to its easy-to-use and efficient global SMS services, Clickatell has extended its offering with an enterprise-grade Multimode Message Manager. This is a carrier-hardened messaging platform that allows for the secure sending of messages across multiple channels, including SMS, to ensure accurate delivery of millions of messages to specific audiences by phone, smart phone, landline, fax, pager, PC or any IP-connected device.

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