19 May 2008

Clickatell named Finalist for Best Mobile Enterprise Software Solution

Best enterprise messaging system award

Redwood City, CA - Clickatell, leading provider of global mobile messaging, today announced it was nominated as finalist for "Best Enterprise Software" in two product categories: "Best Mobile Developer Tool" & "Best Mobile Marketing Solution" as part of the MobileVillage® 2008 Mobile Star Awards™.

Clickatell was nominated for its leading SMS Gateway and its Multimode Mobile Messaging platform. The seventh annual Mobile Star Awards competition honors the top companies, products, deployments, and leaders in mobile and wireless technology. "We are excited to see the mobile market explode as people take advantage of what mobility has to offer and vendors continue to innovate and provide services to support this huge market," said MobileVillage Editor, Gary Thayer. "So, it's no surprise that we're seeing some exciting innovations in mobile applications. Clickatell is highly respected for such innovative products, so we're excited to see them nominated this year and I look forward to seeing them prosper."

To read more about this year's nominations, visit http://www.mobilevillage.com/awards.htm. Readers of MobileVillage's Go Mobile® newsletter will be invited to vote for winners beginning in July, and MobileVillage will announce winners in late September. "For almost a decade, we've been providing enterprise messaging solutions to thousands of developers and have helped them deliver mobile solutions for IT Developers, global banks, insurance providers, healthcare organizations, social networks, travel and transportation, healthcare and more industries," said Pieter de Villiers, CEO of Clickatell. "Our customers need a solution that is easy to implement, easy to use, reaches people around the globe, and provides enterprise-level quality of service. Clickatell works with over 8,300 organizations to deliver mobile messaging strategies for companies worldwide needing to reach customers for a variety of critical communications and transactions anywhere, anytime."

Nomination for Best Enterprise Software: Mobile Developer Tool

Clickatell serves the IT Developer-centric Enterprise market via its world-first (launched in 2000) self-provisioned, software-as-a-service (SaaS) Clickatell Messaging Gateway, which makes it fast and easy for any organization to set up and implement text-based messaging solutions to reach customers using cell phones. Clickatell's Enterprise Messaging Gateway includes a series of open and well-documented APIs that support a set of common protocols, such as the popular HTTP for interfacing and data exchange, FTP to upload files, XML for structured data, SMTP to connect e-mail to SMS, or Windows COM to integrate directly into applications. Script libraries and comprehensive integration specification documents are provided with each protocol. IT Developers worldwide connect daily to Clickatell's Messaging Gateway for immediate access to enterprise-class SMS services - enabling anytime, anywhere mobile messaging delivery for enterprise applications. For more information about the Clickatell Messaging Gateway, please visit How does the Clickatell SMS Gateway work?

Nomination for Best Enterprise Software: Mobile Marketing

Clickatell also serves the Enterprise and Government market segment with its Clickatell Multimode Messaging Manager, which provides assured delivery of real-time disaster and critical alert messages across multiple messaging channels. Clickatell's Multimode Messaging Manager is a multi-channel messaging application that can be integrated with any enterprise or public safety system. A messaging event - such as a status update or transaction alert - generated by an enterprise application is forwarded to the Multimode Messaging Manager via a set of open APIs, automatically transcoded into the right format and delivered in real-time to the recipient's device (e.g. mobile phone, landline, fax, pager, PC or any IP connected device). The Multimode capability allows messages to "switch" between these communication channels. Assured message delivery makes it ideal for emergency alerts, business continuity notifications, and multichannel marketing applications.

About Clickatell

Todays’ consumers spend more time on chat like text, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp than apps, and they expect a high degree of convenience in the way brands serve them. Clickatell makes it possible for brands and consumers to engage and transact via mobile chat and digital channels with industry-leading communications commerce platforms and solutions. With offices in San Francisco, Toronto, Cape Town, and Lagos, Clickatell serves more than 15,000 global brands, ranging from Fortune 500 organizations to well-known consumer brands and small businesses in over 220 countries worldwide.

Clickatell in the media

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