30 July 2006

Clickatell joins with Oracle to drive enterprise messaging

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Redwood Shores, CA - Inherent in Clickatell's enterprise-grade MGMS platform is its multimodal capability that allows messages to escalate from device to device, i.e. cell, landline, fax, smart-phone, pager, PC until they are received. The result is that customers and employees can now be communicated to in 'real time' and are more 'connected' to one another than ever before. The combined solution provides customers of both companies with an enterprise level messaging service that allows for reliable, immediate calendaring, email and voice-mail alerts delivered to targeted worldwide audiences at better delivery rates than traditional methods. The MGMS platform provides expanded usage for unique IDs, voice messages, urgent messages, filter-set mailboxes and calendar entries across business groups.

The result is an improvement in productivity and business communications. "While all wireless operators offer standard SMS, Clickatell has added features that make SMS more suitable for enterprise environments, including bulk broadcast capability, global connectivity and performance guarantees," states Kitty Weldon, Enterprise Mobility Analyst for Current Analysis, Inc. in her Advisory Report, "Will Messaging Surpass E-mail as the Killer Business App?" As Clickatell's enterprise-grade MGMS is built on the proven Oracle 10g Application Server, it offers an unprecedented high level of quality of service via customizable reporting mechanisms to confirm message receipt. Enterprises can expect to know the number of messages sent, when they were delivered, who received them and where. This information allows for the development of greater cost efficiencies by IT managers who can select lower cost channels for delivery. Oracle's iSupport, a component of Oracle E-Business Suite, works with Clickatell to improve 'time to recovery' as it allows for Priority One (P1) trouble tickets to be immediately routed to the appropriate knowledge source.

The iSupport application generates notifications in response to events triggered along the Oracle internal support process flow. These notifications are currently dispatched to mobile devices serviced by carriers in 190 countries. Oracle's ASK system also leverages Clickatell's MGMS to retrieve contact information from directories across networks and then sends the information to the requestor in real time. "In order to meet the demands of messaging in a dynamic enterprise environment, we wanted to create a solution that provides immediacy, availability, quality of service and cost efficiencies. The combination of Clickatell's messaging and Oracle's 10g Application server provides the global reach and the multi-channel flexibility to fully realize the business potential for messaging in the enterprise," says Jim Queen, General Manager, North Americas, Clickatell. Clickatell's enterprise-grade MGMS is built on open architecture and standards allowing today's devices to connect across multiple channels in a "plug & play" mode. In 2001, Clickatell pioneered the first single point of entry for real-time access to global text message delivery. Today, Clickatell's multimodal messaging gateway connect directly with the infrastructure of mobile operators, which enables Clickatell to guarantee delivery and receipt of massive quantities of inbound and outbound messages in real-time to any device. Clickatell has the ability to dynamically route messages via multiple networks based on cost, features, destination and gateway load. The company's advanced platform, routing engine and load management technology allows it to cross more networks than its competitors.

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